For my first idea I was thinking on creating a social media campaign for my photography Instagram. I love taking photos and year or two ago I started an Instagram page where I would put up some of my work. I really enjoyed this especially during the pandemic. I have always wanted to expand it and work on it since in my job after college I will be taking photos and working with social media. Some of the ideas that I would like to show off and work on to display on my Instagram page is adding in more people, movement and even light. I think it would be interesting to challenge myself to work with taking more pictures outside at night especially in the city with all the lights. I would plan on using lightroom, photoshop and my Nikon camera. Below is what my current photography instagram page looks like.

My second idea would be creating a series of graphic designs for the spring semester. For the past two years I have worked for Saint Joes student-athlete study hall and advising office. It has been a place for me to create Instagram and newsletter posts weekly for all student-athletes to see. With taking different COM classes it has helped me better my creative skills in this type of field. As of right now, I have been using Canva, but I would like to work more with photoshop and InDesign. Also, I plan on taking all my photos that I would be using of student-athletes or Saint Joes buildings. The link below is an instagram site that has inspired some of my work and what I hope my work can look like.

For my third idea I want to edit on from my design portfolio book. In my Digital Aesthetics class, I created a design portfolio book. I found this book to be super fun and but also so helpful when learning about everything that there is to know about designing. While working on this project I thought that it was not only teaching myself about new ideas and concepts but that this was be beneficial for other students to learn from. For this, I plan on adding more to the book about other techniques, concepts, and ideas that I learned from other classes and in my internships so far. With that, I think it would be great to add in more examples or updated projects into my design book. I used only Canva for this project, but I plan on using photoshop and InDesign as well.