The first idea I have for my project is a promotional advocacy campaign. I have made other promotional campaigns in some marketing classes I have taken here at SJU and was thinking of making a more in-depth version with sample advertisements and graphics for the campaign. For the promotional campaign, I would make content that targets a particular demographic, some of the potential pieces of the campaign would include, posters, billboards, radio ads, and graphics promoting the company. I was thinking about making this campaign for a group called the Audubon Society which is a non-profit environmental conservation organization that protects bird species and the environments they live in. A part of this campaign would include identifying a target market for the group to appeal to and creating content catering to this audience.

The second idea I have is to create a rebrand for some of my favorite music groups and bands. This would include making a series of new album covers, a new logo for gear, band posters, and a website for them. In this rebrand, I would still keep the overall theme of the groups the same, and the content would still reflect their music but create a different look for the brand through such newly created content. Some of the bands I was thinking about doing this for are either The Strokes or Radiohead.

  • Here are some of the other examples of album covers I have made in the past

The last idea I have is to make a podcast series, this idea would indulge one of my non-communications-related interests which is history. This series would be about some historical figures that I find particularly interesting and would like to dive into their life story and their historical impact. Part of this project would include a lot of research into the lives of these figures. I would aim to make these podcasts about 30 minutes in length and make about one episode a week at least.