Idea 1:
For my project, I am thinking of creating a rebranding project for a well known brand. I am unsure what brand I would choose but possibly a well known brand like Dunkin Donuts, Victoria’s Secret, or the Washington Football Team. In Rachel’s class one of my favorite projects was the rebranding of Surf Taco where I created a new logo, menu, and merch to make the brand more cohesive. I know the WFT is coming out with a new name in the next week or so, so using this timely example to create a new brand and merchandise would be a great idea for my final project. I would continue to use illustrator and I design for the rebranding.

McDonald’s Rebrand:

Idea 2:
My other favorite project from Rachel’s class was the book jacket cover I designed for my mom’s new novel. I would like to continue to make a series of book jacket covers for her books – right now she has three unpublished novels. I think a collection of these would be so unique and cohesive for her brand. I would also love to update her personal website using my knowledge of coding from last year. Making a brand for my mom would be a really great year long project.

Link to my mom’s website:

Idea 3:
My third idea that is so outrageous it would never come to fruition would be a reality TV series of college life in Manayunk. I think living in Manayunk as a college senior is such a unique, fun experience that upperclassmen have when attending SJU. However, if you don’t live in Manayunk, it might not make sense what goes on. For example, the main bars we hop around to, the places we go out to eat, and the drama that happens between friend groups living in different houses. I think this would be such a funny depiction of the life of a second semester senior.