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MM Case Study Draft

Project Overview For my project, I digitally created two book jacket covers with printed versions, photoshoots, and media graphics/campaigns to promote the novel. My mother, Judith Natelli McLaughlin, is a published author of children’s literature, middle-grade chapter books, and novels…. Continue Reading →

Inclusive Design for Color Blindness

Designing for the Visually Impaired My primary point of exclusion for my two deliverables is the color aspect which excludes people who are color blind, The designs I make for the book covers need to be inclusive for those who… Continue Reading →

Procreate: The Pros and Cons for a Designer

Procreate: Pros and Cons The technology I will be focusing on for my capstone project is the app called Procreate. This software is essential to any graphic designer because of the advanced options and ease of use for those who… Continue Reading →

Considering the Importance of a Novel’s Design

Intention The intention of my project is to successfully design book jacket covers for two of my mom’s novels. The inspiration behind these novels that I intend to emulate are Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes, Beach Read by… Continue Reading →

Top Five: An In Depth Book Design by Maggie McLaughlin

An In Depth Book Design By Maggie McLaughlin Purpose  For my project, I will be digitally creating a book jacket cover and bringing it to life with printed versions, photo shoots, and media graphics/campaigns to promote the novel. My mother,… Continue Reading →

Maggie’s Ideas

Idea 1: For my project, I am thinking of creating a rebranding project for a well known brand. I am unsure what brand I would choose but possibly a well known brand like Dunkin Donuts, Victoria’s Secret, or the Washington… Continue Reading →

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