Idea 1:

Digital Photography

My first idea was to use my photography skills to create a photo story and illustrate about 10-15 photos that tells a story about a current issue in society. I want to use several images to convey an idea or story that one image could not communicate. The issue I was thinking of doing was how the use of social media affects our mental health with problems with body image and equality for people of different race. These images below are a good example of the photos I would document. In digital photography, we used photoshop and adobe light room to edit our story. 


The story I told in Digital Photography was that everyone should pretend to put their feet in your shoes and to move forward in life and I took photos of different types of foot steps. For example, I took a picture of someone in really run down shoes, higher class shoes like Gucci flip flops, and a shoe that someone from the middle class would wear. 

Below is a link that could help me create a good story with photos: 


Idea 2:
I thought about using my videography skills through the use of Final Cut Pro to put together a video that portrays some sort of theme or message. I could create a film trying to tell some sort of story throughout my video clips of a larger idea in society- possibly the use of social media and mental health. (Technology and Pop Culture) You can see here I have a few videos uploaded on my Instagram, and I have worked on the Alpha Phi recruitment video the past 2 years. I would create a script so I could have an organized video to portray these ideas. 



Idea 3: My third idea that I know I could not do as my senior capstone project would documenting community service with my camera. Although this would be great for the community, I know I have to use some sort of concept that was used/taught in the COM department that I could create a good grounded project with.