1) My first idea is to contact small business’s in the Philadelphia are discuss how covid has effected their business. It would be an audio/video interview with either an employee or owner of the business. In the interview I would ask about the difficulties of staying open, how they managed to cope with the pandemic, how business has changed since opening up again, future plans, etc. I am intrigued by this because I think it it would make for some interesting stories while also shedding a light on the struggles small business are going through during this time. I think this would consist of either a couple short length videos for each business or an extended video combining all of the separate interviews into one whole video. I would use rented gear from the COM department for the interviews while editing the audio on Adobe Audition and the videos on Premier Pro. 


2) My second idea would be about the topic of pollution and attempting to maintain a clean environment by using a photo essay/research paper to show how it is affecting wildlife/climate change. I have always been interested in this topic but have never gone in depth about it and I think it would be interesting to go to some places where pollution seems to be an issue and see what changes can be made. I would showcase my work by taking pictures of the pollution while also looking for a solution then researching the benefits that would come from that. I also would create so ad campaign’s on Illustrator as a way of spreading awareness to the issue. While doing research I could also try to reach out to local activist groups on the issue to get an insight on what steps they are taking towards this as well. 

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3) For the third idea I was thinking of doing a blog/podcast on the topic of sports going on at the moment. I would discuss and write about news that came out during the week while also giving opinions on certain topics and reading what other people or sports writers have posted on certain websites or Twitter. I have always been interested in sports and thought this would be interesting to try to do. I would have a blog on my website that I have created as well as creating an Instagram account to post certain topics and see if I could get other people to respond in the comments about what they have to say as well. If I were to incorporate ad podcast I would do about a 20-30 minute episode each week and would record using Adobe Audition. I do have experience with using the audio resources in the past and am familiar with the editing that goes along with it. And would maybe have one of my friends or roommates come on every now and then to give their opinions of certain topics as well. 

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