When thinking about a Capstone project I had no clue where I was going to start or what I was even going to do. While there were certain areas that I found a deep love for during my years as being a communication studies student, I didn’t know where to start when thinking of a project I thought of on my own.

1. In my Social Media Influencers class, I created a social media campaign for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was mainly a writing-based campaign however did include some graphic design elements. While I did a lot of research for the project there is a lot of work that is still able to be done. I would need to incorporate a considerable amount of document design, so it looks more like a professional document. Illustrator and formatting it nicer in InDesign would have to be done in order for the project to appear as if it was done by the foundation and not a student. Below is a design that I had made originally for the campaign but I feel as though I could make it look more presentable. The plan for the campaign can also look more presentable than being in a document. In order to build on this project, I would probably choose a different campaign but use what I learned from the previous to build and grow.

  • Pick an organization/product that would benefit from a social media campaign

2. When I was in COM 200 it was the start of creating websites (WordPress). I felt as though I didn’t have enough content so I made a vlog that could add to things that I was able to show as my work. I really enjoyed going to different places and filing my experiences there and later editing the memories together. When we created our new websites from scratch in COM 372 I made, even more, to add to my portfolio. Since I love to create videos and share my experiences I was thinking I could create a video series of either places to go, people, or things to do. I have a few ideas of where I could have a focus on this project but I am still kind of unsure. For this project, I would use a mixture of a DSLR camera and Adobe Premier.

  • Visit PA – I could make videos of places that are suggested to visit on State websites when being a tourist.
    • I could incorporate my first pitch idea and create a social media campaign that is based around a vlog-like video of a place to visit and the things you are able to do.
    • I could create a new website using WordPress where information can be learned and found
      • Influencer style of content
  • Greek Life – An interview-based project that helps to talk about experiences and emotions when being involved in Greek organizations.

3. In high school, I took a digital photography class. I wanted to have freedom with things that I captured rather than being told what needed to be seen. I also have a love for writing poetry and paring with my Creative Writing class, I figured I could make a photo essay about my experiences in life and group them together with poems to help explain the emotions that I was feeling at the time. This project would appear in a book style that could have a major focus on traveling in your 20s. I would use a DSLR camera to help capture these moments and use InDesign to create a place where these photos and poems could be viewed. 

  • Traveling out of the country
  • Traveling in different states or in your current state
    • How your life is impacted by traveling in your 20s