Inclusive Design

Fostering an inclusive design throughout my capstone project is very important to me. For my project I will be taking photos of different people in different places. In these photos I want them to be diverse and inclusive. I will then be putting all of my photos on my photography Instagram page for people to see.   While it can be challenging at times to make photography’s inclusive to everyone especially on Instagram, I will be trying my best to cater to everyone’s needs. Providing an inclusive design will hopefully make my project more personable and accessible to others.

How I Will Use Inclusive Design in My Project

I plan on creating my photos to be inclusive to all my potential audiences. The first way that I will use inclusive design is by adding ALT Text to all my photos on my Instagram page. I want each one of my photos to have descriptions that are easy to read and understand for someone who may have a visual disability. I know that my photography Instagram is very visible but I wanted to incorporate a way for others to hear about my work if they can not see it.

Another way that I plan on creating an inclusive design in my photography is being mindful of the color choices that I will be using when editing my photos. While I will be using my presets to edit my photos, I plan on going in and fixing some of the contrast or color settings for those who are color blind and have trouble seeing certain colors. I am also not going to be using my one preset because I feel that some will not be able to see the full color effect due to the bright colors. I know that color is some of the big parts to photography so I want to make it as accessible to my audience as I can.

Distributing My Photography

For my project I will be putting all my photos on my Instagram social media site. On my Instagram I plan to make all my photos have one color theme or aesthetic. As I stated before, I want to make sure that everyone who is viewing my photos can see them clearly and they can be inclusive to my audience. My primary audience is anyone who is interested in my photography or want to possibly hire me for an upcoming photoshoot. My Instagram site will be public so anyone can view my posts, profile and even repost or share on their social media accounts as well. I hope that my photos will attract all age groups and people will follow along to see some more of my work as my page develops.