My intent for this project is to showcase my photography skills and revamp my Instagram site. I want my photography Instagram to be inviting, inclusive and positive feeling when my audience looks at my work.

Impact & Scenarios

I hope that my project impacts a lot of different people that will be viewing my photography work. I want my work to not only demonstrate a professional and positive environment but also encourages others to want to be themselves. I want my Instagram to also impact others by wanting people to get involved in photography and be kind or positive to those around you. I feel that being kind to others is the first step in fostering an inclusive environment.

The best-case scenario for the impact of my project would be that I can find people or places that represent a good amount of diversity on my Instagram page. I also hope that people find it an inclusive place as well. I would love for people to add positive comments in the comment section and even repost my photos on their Instagram stories. Also, another best-case scenario would be that everyone viewing my work will like my photos that I am posting but also continue to follow my instagram page to see other photos or photos to come in the future.

The worst-case scenario would be if people do not feel that I incorporate enough diversity into my Instagram page. I also am worried that some people will bit be accepting to some of the pictures that I post and that some people would say inappropriate comments. If this would occur, it would be truly upsetting because one of the goals in my photography is to provide an inclusive and positive space.

Personal Identity

From my personal experience I have is when I took my first photography class my teacher spent a couple lectures discussing about how to incorporate diversity into your photography, specifically if you are staging a shoot. My professor also discussed the importance of making sure your photography comes off the right way.


What Might be Missing?

I think that there are a lot of people that may be missing from any professional photography site. Typically, when you see a photography portfolio, they are normally white woman that are edited to perfection. While one of the key parts to revamping my Instagram page is taking a lot more portraits of different people in different environments, I want to make sure that I am getting an equal number of men and woman. I also really want to incorporate different ethnicities and racial backgrounds in my pictures or shoots. Lastly, I also plan on doing group pictures or even couples. Normally, you only see one type of couple, but I would love to take photos of LGBTQ couples if they are willing to be featured on my site. With that, I feel that some photography sites misrepresent or leave out certain people, but for my page I would really like for it to be diverse and inclusive.