In my project I intend to give a multimedia presentation of how pollution has been and will continue to affect the environment in irreversible ways if a solution is not dealt with properly. I would like to show the viewers of my project that there are severe issues with the environment due to pollution, while also talking about how covid affected this issue. I hope to achieve the feeling that I am helping make a change while also giving people hope to do the same.


I hope the impact that my project will have is that people who view my project will make strides towards cleaning up our environment. If they can do this then more others will follow and do the same basically snowballing into a bunch of people helping out however much they can. I also hope that due to this it will shed light on new solutions that have yet to be implemented in order to help the environment.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario is that this will resonate with viewers and motivate them to do good for our planet so that humans and wildlife can live a healthier world that is not filled with piles of trash at every turn. Plenty of people overlook the fact that we are not the only ones who will be affected by this in the future and that there is also plenty of wildlife that will lose their habits and go extinct.

The worse case scenario is that this resonates with nobody leading to little to no change in the way that we treat our environment. Due to this plenty of wildlife will suffer along with the future of the planet. It would be a failure if this becomes another video that people just skip over without looking at it twice and realizing the impact it could have.

Personal Identities, Lived Experiences, and Attempts at Inclusivity

For this project I would use inclusion by finding a place where there is plenty of trash and then find the demographic of that area. I would do this for plenty of places to try and get a sense of which area/communities have a pollution area and the reasons why. This could be more people so more trash or that certain places don’t have as great of a trash system as others. The communities that are missing from this project would be the communities who have little to pollution and to include them I would have to include the steps they are taking to keep their community clean.