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This post is going to ask you to consider issues relating to diversity and inclusion and your own projects. This does not mean the project needs to be social justice-related. It means that you are considering an intentional and equitable approach to your work, which is essential regardless of your project or the field you are going into.

For this post, I’d like you to consider each the following questions (informed by “How to begin designing for diversity,” which we read for Monday, so be sure to consult it before you compose your post). You do not need to answer the questions as a bulleted list; you can have a narrative. Use headers and bolded text throughout as highlights.

* What is the intention of your project? That is, what do you hope it will achieve?
* What impact do you hope it will have? That is, how do you hope that it is “lived and experienced in the real world in actual communities”?
* What are the best *and worst* case scenarios for the impact of your project?
* How *might* personal identities influence and/or inform how you approach design?
* What perspectives or lived experiences might be missing from your approach?
* What individuals or misrepresented communities might be missing from your project?
* How will you attempt to make your project inclusive?

Choose the First Consideration Post category.

Due Friday, 2/18 by TBD.

Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 1

Technology: Adobe Premiere Pro    I have chosen to speak about Adobe Premiere Pro. The one I have is updated to the most recent version so 2023, but it does have updates sometimes. There is other editing software that other… Continue Reading →

Consideration Post: Inclusion and Diversity in Music

Intention The intention of my project is to create a set of podcast episodes that shed light on young musicians in the city of Philadelphia that are looking to make music their full time job. Music is a broad landscape… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Diversity and Inclusion in Design

Intentions The intention of my project is to create a series of posters that will each tell a story. Each poster will be about a specific person who has struggled with mental health and show how their rabbit has positively… Continue Reading →

Audubon Society Marketing Plan – First Consideration Post

The overall intent for this project is to create a marketing campaign that can spread awareness and increase contributions for the Audubon Society through a visual marketing plan and various advertising pieces. I want to show how I think the… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: LifeeWithOthers

Project Intent Through my project, LifeeWithOthers, I intend to help others feel less alone through the power of storytelling. I hope to achieve this by the interviews I will be conducting and the design I will be implementing. I want… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Capturing Every Perspective

Intent The intention for my project is to educate college students on life after college and what they should be doing to prepare.  I want to help people feel more relaxed and calm about entering the workforce and starting a… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Bring inclusion to all but not one when traveling

Intent My intent for the creation of a vlog campaign is to create content for large audiences that focus on travel within the Philadelphia area. The biggest thing to keep in mind with this, however, is that of cost and… Continue Reading →

First Consideration: Bringing Inclusion to Revamping My Photography Page

Intent My intent for this project is to showcase my photography skills and revamp my Instagram site. I want my photography Instagram to be inviting, inclusive and positive feeling when my audience looks at my work. Impact & Scenarios I… Continue Reading →

Considering Inclusion on the Pollution Front

  Intention In my project I intend to give a multimedia presentation of how pollution has been and will continue to affect the environment in irreversible ways if a solution is not dealt with properly. I would like to show… Continue Reading →

Considering the Importance of a Novel’s Design

Intention The intention of my project is to successfully design book jacket covers for two of my mom’s novels. The inspiration behind these novels that I intend to emulate are Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes, Beach Read by… Continue Reading →

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