The overall intent for this project is to create a marketing campaign that can spread awareness and increase contributions for the Audubon Society through a visual marketing plan and various advertising pieces. I want to show how I think the Audubon Society can grow and gain more contributions and donations from their target market. More personally for me, I want to create something to add to my portfolio that shows off the skills I have learned in both my Marketing and my Communications courses and gain experience making a project that I may end up doing professionally down the road. 

I suppose the main impact that I want from this project is to convince employers to hire me! Because with this project I am creating a campaign I am going to be showing off my design and marketing skills but my marketing strategy will not actually be used or implemented by the Audubon Society so there would not be any real impact on many. However, that being said If this were to be used in the real world I would hope that this would end up increasing the number of contributions from individual people and therefore help the Audubon Society fulfill their mission of conservation and protecting the environment. 

The best-case scenario for the impact of this project, if this were to actually be used in the real world, would be for the Audubon Society to increase the amount of money it receives from individual contributors exceeding the predicted cost of the marketing plan.

My own personal experience and identity would affect what I see as the best course of action for the marketing plan. Also, my personal view might affect how I design the marketing plan and how I make the other advertisements however, I would still follow a certain design persona that the Audubon Society currently has. 

The perspective I am going to be missing the most is the personal perspective of the audience I am targeting. I can use what I know from market research and other behaviors I know and will research about the target audience but I personally will not be in that specific demographic. I will also not have the perspective of real-world experience with executing marketing campaigns, I will attempt to get the perspective from others but without the experience of personally making a campaign and executing it multiple times in the real world, there may be certain things that I am unaware and ignorant of. 

There will probably be many different communities that are not represented by this project. The audience of the marketing plan will be the Audubon Society itself so it will be excluding those who are not decision-makers there. The other aspects of the project as far as advertisements will be made to target a certain demographic and will exclude those who do not fall into this group. I will try to make the project inclusive by making it easy to understand and effectively convey information.