What is the technology/material you have chosen to discuss? If applicable, include the brand, model, version, etc. Different models and brands afford and constrain in different ways, and professionals in the field know why they use what they use. (If you have doubts, ask Dr. Hammer to discuss microphones….) Why are you using this brand/model/version?

The main use of technology that I will be using that will make my project fully come together is the editing platform, Final Cut Pro. Final cut pro is an editing software that can be purchased through an app, costing around $300. With this being said, it is a highly advanced editing software program. There are many versions of Final Cut Pro, but the one I will be using Final Cut Pro X, which is published by Apple Inc. as part of their Pro Apps family of software programs. Chris Turner, a professional photographer and videographer, recently captured the beauty of a marriage at a wedding using Final Cut Pro X.



How is this technology/material social? Try to identify 3 ways. What design features enable each example of sociability?


Final Cut Pro X is social because it is a platform that allows for showing the people around us a video about whatever we like. Creators are either trying to entertain people with a certain story with actors and actresses or tying to portray some type of message to society. When people watch films, they are choosing to watch and engage with this material, and it spreads awareness/knowledge about certain topics in the world. People also will take the time to communicate with others around them about a certain film, show, or public video that was uploaded to the public. Without editing platforms, there would be no professional way to allow for this communication about a certain video/entertainment uploaded. Features that enable these types of examples of sociability is the exporting factor of Final Cut Pro X. Without the exporting feature, there would be really no way to upload a video/share it with the world. With this feature, you can take your video and/or creation and upload it to any social platform site of your choosing. (YouTube, Instagram, Websites, etc.) There are other factors and tools that Final Cut Pro X has that allows for dramatic effect like speeding or slowing down a certain clip to make for a more dramatic effect in your film, which seems to be something people find thrilling when watching a movie/film, which then leads to satisfaction of a viewer, leading to positive verbal feedback from the film.




How does the technology/material reflect cultural values? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

The material and technology reflect cultural values by being equal, always evolving for change and mobility, and you have personal control to do whatever you please with the editing platform. Apple products are always evolving, and Final Cut Pro X is something that has grown over the years. The product is very inclusive, as it allows everyone to have access to the app while being able to access it at any given point in time, once downloaded. There are many different aspects of the application so everyone has the opportunity to experience new forms of technology and experience a challenged level of learning.



How will the technology/material afford your actions when you’re using it for your project?  Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

Final Cut Pro X provides more convenience compared to a few other applications because it allows me to be as creative as I can with its new technology and tools that came out with this updated version. Clips can be moved, trimmed, and reordered without collisions or syncing problems. Compound Clips enable users to bundle video and audio clips into a single, movable package. Final Cut Pro X is the best option for video editor in a mac environment. It’s stable, fast and easy to use. iMovie is also an Apple editing software that most entry level videographers use, however, Final Cut Pro has unlimited options for presets which are advanced and can be customized easily when compared with iMovie. Presets are effects that you can add to your clips to enhance the lighting for a better look on your clips and overall video quality.


How will the technology/material constrain your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

            Of course, just like any kind of software, there can be glitches or a reason for something not to be working properly. I think this could be an issue when trying to use Final Cut for my project. It has happened in the past so I think something to help me refrain from this issue is to make sure my laptop is updated. Things that could happen could be loss of video footage if you are not organized, a certain tool not working properly, or your file could not export the way you want. I know in the past this has happened to me numerous times. Sometimes the file is too large to download/upload to certain sites, so when you are exporting you have to make sure you export the right size so the video can upload properly to your cite of choose.