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For this Consideration post, I’d like you to choose ONE or TWO technologies or materials that are central to your project (only move to the second if the first doesn’t get you to the min 450 word count). Do not choose “laptop” or “phone” or any other device that contains multiple software applications. Instead, choose the particular software application(s) you’ll be using that are on the laptop/phone/etc.

If you have two, discuss the technologies one after the other; don’t discuss them at the same time as that will be confusing to read. Remember to ensure the layout is pleasing. Don’t just past in the text from the in-class work (and of you do, select the icon in the toolbar that enables unformatted pasting). Try to make it into a narrative, not like a list. Use images, headers, etc.

What is the technology/material you have chosen to discuss? If applicable, include the brand, model, version, etc. Different models and brands afford and constrain in different ways, and professionals in the field know why they use what they use. (If you have doubts, ask Dr. Hammer to discuss microphones….) Why are you using this brand/model/version?

How is this technology/material social? Try to identify 3 ways. What design features enable each example of sociability?

How does the technology/material reflect cultural values? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

How will the technology/material afford your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

How will the technology/material constrain your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

Choose the Second Consideration Post category.

Due by Friday, 4/4 by 11:00pm.

Second Consideration Blog Post – Diversity and Inclusion

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Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 2

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DSLR Camera

My Technology: For my project the DSLR camera that I am going to use is going to be essential in order for me to complete my project. I am very familiar with using this technology as I have had to… Continue Reading →

Consideration Post: Affordances of Adobe Audition

My Technology  The technology I will be focusing on is Adobe audition. I am using the newest version of audition which is 22.2. The only other option I considered using was audacity and although some people find Audacity to be… Continue Reading →

Second Consideration: The Sociability and Affordances of Zoom

Zoom One technology that is central to my project is Zoom. “Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities.” I will be… Continue Reading →

The Affordance of a WordPress Site

Technology being Discussed I have chosen to discuss the use of WordPress as a website and place to hold my blog, Life With Others. I am using WordPress to share my voice and the voice of others with a larger… Continue Reading →

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Procreate: Pros and Cons The technology I will be focusing on for my capstone project is the app called Procreate. This software is essential to any graphic designer because of the advanced options and ease of use for those who… Continue Reading →

Adobe InDesign: Affordances and Sociability

My Technology One of the main technologies that are central to the creation of my project is Adobe InDesign version 17.1. This is what I will be using in order to put together my document showing the Marketing research and strategy through… Continue Reading →

The Sociability and Affordances of a Gimbal

Why am I using a gimbal to film? In order for my travel vlogs to look as professional as possible, it is important to have clean shots. For all video content that I will have, I am going to be… Continue Reading →

Second Consideration Post: Nikon 3500 DSLR Camera Affordances and Sociability

What is my Technology? The most essential piece of technology for my project is my Nikon 3500 DSLR camera. I am using this specific type of camera because in my opinion I enjoy working with a Nikon camera over any other…. Continue Reading →

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