Why am I using a gimbal to film?

In order for my travel vlogs to look as professional as possible, it is important to have clean shots. For all video content that I will have, I am going to be using a gimbal that I will be checking out from the Communications Department regardless if the footage is for the vlog or short videos. Using the gimbal will enable me to be moving around as I capture different places, activities, and things without the content recorded being unsteady. What will make my videos stand out as opposed to other recordings will be that I will aim to record the content as I view it and have it played back as if my viewers were there too. People want to view content the way that they might see it for themselves rather than someone else’s view of the activity so with the gimbal I will be able to appeal to this audience.

How is a gimbal sociable?

Using a gimbal in my project allows for the content recorded to be more of an “as seen through your eyes” type of feel. The whole idea of a vlog is to see someone’s experiences through their eyes. Using a gimbal to record my content enables sociability by…

  • Creating easy to view shots/content
    • Creates an in person experience rather than the viewer watching a video
  • User friendly
  • Nonhand held shots that still appear to be steady

How does a gimbal reflect cultural values?

While this project has all good intentions in mind it is important to focus on the cultural values that social media plays in the lives of people. In life people will always see the good and bad in different things. For the places that I have chosen to travel to people may like them but they also may disagree that the places I travel to are not worth it. Somethingsto be cautious of when filming these different destinations and activities could be…

  • Changing expectations/realities of the destination traveled to
  • Overtourism
    • This will especially come into play for places that people are aware that they are able to do in Philadelphia. Since there is a target audience of young adults who live in the Philadelphia area I do not want to have a large focus on the places that people go to visit when they come to the city.
      • Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Independence Hall
  • People might feel offended by the places I chose to travel to as well as the places that I didn’t travel to
    • For my short videos that will be posted to Instagram (Reels) and videos on TikTok they are split into categories with some visiting historical sights that I find to be beautiful and important to visit in Philadelphia

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

How will the gimbal afford my actions when using it for the project?

The materials used during the creation of my project are only to help me and create a more professional feel to the creation of content. I already have a YouTube page where I have created and posted content. While I might have publized my channel previously, the videos posted are things that I have enjoyed but others might not find interest in. The materials use in this project, especially the gimbal, will be able to afford me with…

  • A variety of shots
    • Unique and ordinary
  • Easy use to for any and all that might need to help
    • Example: If I need someone else to hold the phone when filming something
  • A steady way to film when the subject is moving

How will the gimbal constrain my actions when using it for the project?

While the materials that I will be using for this project are to help me through the process there are also possible constraints that might come along with using these materials. I have never used a gimbal in any of my previous work so it will be a challenge and something that I will have to get used to.

  • The gimbal might not fit the size of the phone
    • This object is meant to be helpful but it is possible that it will be more harmful than helpful to the creation of the project
  • If the gimbal is shot from the ground there is a possibility that the shot could be ruined if it falls over
  • If the shot is taken without the camera being held there might be a lot of raw material, in the beginning, to be able to start the shot
    • The shot might be angled correctly when first positioned and change after the initial hit of the record button