What is my Technology?

The most essential piece of technology for my project is my Nikon 3500 DSLR camera. I am using this specific type of camera because in my opinion I enjoy working with a Nikon camera over any other. In class I learned on a Nikon and so when I went to buy my camera, I decided to go with the camera that I was most comfortable with. Also, this particular camera has many features, perfect size and is not very complicated to use. Another reason why I choose to use this camera is because of the different lens that can attach to it to capture the correct photo that you want. Lastly, another benefit about this camera is that I can download pictures from a bluetooth setting on the camera right to my phone.

How is my Nikon 3500 Camera Social?

My Nikon 3500 camera is considered to be social in a couple different ways. First, my camera allows me to take photos of others in different settings. This camera able to capture a photo during anytime of the day and different lighting which can be challenging for other cameras to do. Another way that this technology is social is that when I am taking photos for my project I will be sharing them on my social media Instagram site. On Instagram I hope that many people will comment and share my work. All in all having that social aspect when you are working with a camera is super important especially when you are working with different subjects or even taking my camera somewhere to use.

How does my Nikon Represent Values?

The first way that this technology reflects modern cultural values is that this camera for being a DSLR is very portable and small. With that, the parts such as, lens, charger and battery all are small and easy to fit into a small bag to take places. Nowadays, a lot of technologies are seen to be smaller and lighter so it is easier to take them places. Another way that this technology represents values is that this camera has many different functions besides just clicking a button and taking a picture or video. While you are out taking pictures on this camera you can delete on the spot, quickly download and change the settings or lenses. Nikon has made this camera have new functions that save time and you can do right away without waiting until you have another technology or material.

Technology Affordances:

The first affordance that this technology has is the ability for me to go back and look at my photos that I have taken and see where I can make changes right then. If I review my photos during the photo shoot and I see something does not look right my camera affords me to see what setting is wrong and I can then fix it while continuing using the camera. Another way this camera affords my actions is allowing me to change the different modes. If I am planning on taking pictures at night, I am changing my modes in the settings, so the lighting is not messed up. This way I can have my camera set to the correct mode for the specific time or lighting occasion. The last way this camera affords my actions is that it has a feature that can Bluetooth download into an app on my phone or camera. During a photoshoot I can download the pictures right there to my phone without waiting to put the SD card into my computer to download.

Technology Constrains:

The first  way that this technology constrains me is that the battery life only last for a specific amount of time. I must be able to work smart and quickly to be able to have my camera last a specific time. I also must make sure come prepared with everything ready to go. This technology also constrains me because it does have to be handled carefully. Not only is this camera expensive but working with it you have to be patient and mindful at all times. Since there are different lens it is necessary to be careful you do not scratch or drop the equipment.The last way that this technology constrains me is that I must figure out what would be the best settings that my camera should be on to take the pictures that day. Depending on the lighting and location I will have to make the call on my own to see what best setting for my pictures would be to come out. This can take a while to figure out what is best for the particular shoot.