The Technology That’s Central to My Project and Why

One of the technologies that I’m using for my project I would like to discuss here would be my Canon Rebel T5i. I need it in order to successfully complete the project since the entire purpose is using it to record an interview about this topic. I’m using it because it’s the camera I currently have at the moment, so I don’t have to rent one from the gear room. Although it’s an older model, it still gets the job done successfully and I have the right lenses to use for videography. I especially like this camera because of its professional nature and how nice the photos turn out on it.

The Sociability

Unlike a regular camera, this Canon has both photography and videography functions. It serves a variety of purposes that allow people to convey a diverse range of ideas as well as take many different types of photographs and videos. But what makes it social is the ability to take photographs and record videos of anything or anyone and share those videos. It records video, both audio and visual. It performs these abilities efficiently, and I’m able to quickly view these photos and videos on the mirror as well as take out the SD card and upload them to my laptop for instant viewing of what was captured and/or filmed. Because it has a strap attached, I’m able to hang the camera around my neck and carry it wherever I go to take many photographs and videos, which also enhances its sociability. I’m not restricted to constantly carrying it everywhere, enabling me to have free hands.

Cultural Values

The cultural values of the camera reflect its purpose of capturing photos and videos of just about anything. Social media influencers especially, use a camera like this to capture content such as photos and vlogs for them to post online to build their platform. This camera was released less than ten years ago, so it is still fairly new and the technologies in it are relevant to our culture of capturing and sharing parts of our lives and presenting them to our friends or followers on social media. With shooting video, this camera will be helpful. I used it last semester for the Start Talking SJU project in Civic Media and it successfully got the job done.

How My Camera Will Afford My Actions for Completing This Project

  • The efficiency of my Canon camera definitely plays a huge role in being able to capture what I want. Regardless of the size of it and being more “bulky” it still is a really good camera and the pictures and video I take on it come out perfect and clean.
  • I’m also able to easily hook it up to a tripod if I need to, which I have at home as well, which I won’t need to rent from the school either, making my life easier.
  • It has all the functions I’d need to record a video, so I’d have to say that I’m set right now. All I need is a boom microphone and a light to attach which are also just as important.

The Constraints of My Canon for the Project

  • Because it is a bigger and more bulky camera than others, it is heavy to carry around in the bag and it’s not as compactable for transport.
  • This camera also warrants me being more careful with it than a smaller camera because it is bigger and more fragile than the other ones.
  • Another constraint is the lenses. Because it has detachable lenses and needs certain lenses for shooting different things, video for this matter, I would have to switch out the lens with one that is better suited for videography.