My Technology

One of the main technologies that are central to the creation of my project is Adobe InDesign version 17.1. This is what I will be using in order to put together my document showing the Marketing research and strategy through a well-designed document with key design elements. This is the newest version of Adobe InDesign, so it has the newest features and the most tools and allows for the highest quality images to be made (resolution). Since it is Adobe it also gives me access to the Adobe cloud which makes it easy for me to access files in different areas on different computers and also allows me to transfer files from one software to another easily. It does however cost money so it is not as accessible as other similar software that attempts to do the same thing. Although it does cost money it is for a reason it is the standard for making posters and other graphics and is very professional software that is very versatile. 

How is it Social?

This technology is social because it is used to connect people through design with images and text. InDesign is used to make images that reflect information through text and images for people to make meaning out of, it is able to combine the use of text and imagery well that can communicate ideas and information effectively. Another feature that makes it social is the export feature which allows for the work to be available on different platforms and accessible in different ways depending on its need. It also has access to all of Adobe’s different fonts which allow for different moods and messages to be created for and perceived by the audience.

What Cultural Values does it reflect?

It reflects our value of quality images by allowing for high-resolution exporting. It reflects the value placed on receiving information in an easy-to-consume way as well as our value of having text and images together to tell a story. And lastly, the value of a good format and professional look.


The many different features available on InDesign make it possible to do many different things. Here is a list of the different affordances that this technology allows for:

  • Adobe InDesign allows me to access different fonts from the Adobe selection to use for my text.
  • Allows me to easily arrange images and text together
  • Easy to layout 
  • Accurate positioning
  • Ruler tool to line up images and text
  • Many different tools that I can use, (many I won’t use)


However, there are some things that cannot be done with InDesign or things it is not great with, these are the constraints and limitations:

  • Not good for making an image from scratch
  • Not good for photo editing
  • Limited use of pen tool