My Technology:

For my project the DSLR camera that I am going to use is going to be essential in order for me to complete my project. I am very familiar with using this technology as I have had to use it plenty of times for many other classes. The camera is a good size which is perfect for when I have to carry it around while walking looking for content. 



The DSLR camera is social in a couple of ways. One way that this camera is social is that after taking the photos that are needed for my site I will be able to transfer them and put them onto my computer. This is crucial because after doing that I am then able to put them onto my site for everyone to see. Another way it is social is that I am able to take pictures of multiple different locations in seconds. I do not have to wait for anything to print out or reset, I can take them very quickly. 


Cultural Values:

One way that the DSLRv represents values is that I am able to change settings right on the spot. If I notice that the lighting needs to be changed in order to enhance a picture to get the best quality possible I can do that right away. With the camera I have the ability to not only take photos but videos as well. Another cultural value is that the camera is very portable and small. I am able to take the equipment necessary with me on my shoots. I am able to fit it into a bag with is perfect since I will be moving around a lot. 



One way that the DSLR camera is affordable is that I am able to look at my photos immediately after they are taken. This is very important because if I do not like the photo that I just took I can take another one immediately and see if I like that one better/ what I need to change or fix. This helps so much since I will be in the field going to multiple different locations and will help since I don’t have to go back home to wait for them to download to tell if I like them or not. Another advantage is that the camera will tell me when there is an issue and what I need to do to fix it. This is extremely useful as I will be taking multiple pictures in a bunch of different settings so having this feature will greatly impact me. 



One constraint for this technology is that battery life may become an issue at one point or another. Since I will be taking so many photos and be away from a place to charge my battery I could run into some issues on that front. In order to try and avoid this issue I will have to make sure that my battery is fully charged before I leave to go shoot my content. Another constraint is that the camera does not belong to me and is expensive which means I have to be extra careful with it in order to make sure it stays undamaged.