Inclusion and Accessibility:

Inclusion and accessibility is very important for my project and will be one of my main points of focus. Inclusion is important because I need to gauge as many parties involved as possible without it my project becomes narrow and one sided. Also if I am not inclusive then my information may be flawed and not make sense to everyone. Accessibility is also very important in my project because I would like for everyone to have access to what I am trying to showcase in my project. If I did not make this accessible then all of the work I have done would have gone to waste since I am trying to inform people of an issue.


How to make it inclusive and accessible:

For my project I will need to make sure that I am inclusive in how I go about this project. In order to be inclusive I will not only take photos of the city of Philadelphia but also the suburbs of the city. This is because certain areas that are not in the city are also part of Philadelphia so it would only be right to include these places since my website is titled, “Cleaning up Philadelphia”. In order to make sure my project is accessible I am going to make a wordpress site so that everyone can access it and look at what I am trying to inform the public about. I thought that a website would be the best way to showcase my work while also making it accessible to everyone.