My Technology 

The technology I will be focusing on is Adobe audition. I am using the newest version of audition which is 22.2. The only other option I considered using was audacity and although some people find Audacity to be easier to use, I chose audition because I have experience with it and I think it really ensures that I will be able to produce the best audio quality possible. I think that at first Audition can be overwhelming but with some practice I think it is the best tool available when working with audio. 


How is Audition Social?

I think the primary way that an audition is social is that it is used to tell a story. Whether it is music, a podcast, an audio postcard or any other type of audio, there is always a story that comes from audition. Audition also allows for the storyteller to craft the story through a variety of ways. The story can be advanced through simply cutting up the audio and only leaving the important parts, or it can be advanced by using more intricate settings to add effects to the sound that may provide more substance to the story. Another way that audition is social is that it connects people. Not always, but most of the time there is some degree of sharing that happens in the audition. Someone may create something outside of audition and share it with someone to work with in audition or someone may do something in audition and share it with someone else. Really there are a lot of ways that audition is used to share but no matter what they connect people. Finally, audition is social because it allows for interpretation. Someone may create something on audition with an intended goal in mind but once the project is shared, it gives everyone else an opportunity to allow it to impact them in their own way.



Audition affords me the ability to create a narrative with my project. I think that sometimes with just raw audio, the intentions of a project can become misconstrued however I think that having the ability to edit audio allows for the intended narrative to become more clear and more easily understood by an audience. 


Similarly, I find that audition affords me the ability to tell a story. I think that when just using audio, details are imperative. Making sure the audio can be clearly understood and the most important pieces of the story are included can be instrumental in telling the story you want to tell. I think audition allows for that.



I think audition’s affordances in some ways are also their constraints. When only working with audio there is nothing else to support the story that you are trying to tell. So if the audio does not come out exactly the way you want it to, the message you are trying to convey may be misconstrued.


I also think a constraint of audition is that it is in some ways intimidating. Audition offers a plethora of tools that are all useful, but it takes a while to get comfortable with them which can lead to unwanted mistakes.