The intention of my project is to create a set of podcast episodes that shed light on young musicians in the city of Philadelphia that are looking to make music their full time job. Music is a broad landscape and it is a difficult “business” to be successful in. There is an extreme amount of hard work and sacrifices that go into becoming a successful musician and I would like my project to highlight the journeys of these musicians and not just their music. I would like to discuss things such as when and why they started, the obstacles they have faced, and what it’s like to try and gain an audience in an area that has become oversaturated. In addition to discussing their music and their musical process. 



I want the impact of my project to be that people receive the stories of these musicians in the most honest way possible. That the listeners of each episode receive insight into what it is like to passionately pursue music. I also want the listener to find out more about the people behind the music and what their lives are like. In addition I want listeners to become exposed to these musicians and people but of course I also want them to become exposed to their music and find something they like.


Best and Worst Case Scenario 

I think the best case scenario is that my audience becomes exposed to a variety of different people and music. I think a spectacular result for my project is that listeners are able to connect to the people I am showcasing in a way they haven’t with musicians in the past. Maybe it is a different kind of music or it is a person from a background than the listener that creates that connection. I think the worst case for my project is that I present multiple episodes that are all basically the same thing and end up being just my personal preferences. If that is the case I do not think it will be possible for any of my desired intentions to take form.


Missing Perspectives or Lived Experiences

I think it is clear to me that there are many perspectives and lived experiences that are missing from my approach. However I think that because I am aware of that, I will be able to successfully incorporate those perspectives into my project. 



I think for my project, inclusivity is two fold. Primarily it is important to include people of different backgrounds and experiences. I will do this by hopefully interviewing people from a variety of backgrounds that offer new perspectives. Secondarily, it will be important to be inclusive of different types of music. I will ensure this happens by avoiding my own personal music preferences as best as I can.