Accessibility in Deliverables and Promotion

Accessibility within a podcast is inherently important because the primary way of receiving a podcast is by listening to it. Clearly, this leaves a large group of people that are unable to receive the podcast in the way it is primarily received. I think the most important thing to consider when discussing accessibility with my project is considering people that are deaf as well as people with other hearing impairments. The best way to tackle this issue is to transcribe each episode and provide the transcriptions in the same spot that the podcast can be found as well as potentially apps or websites that are specifically meant for people with hearing impairments looking for podcasts. There are other things that can be done such as offering transcriptions that also have vibrations or offering some type of sign language alternative however for the purpose of this project it will be most practical to stick with transcribing each episode.


In addition, when posting on instagram to promote the podcast, I will be sure to add alt text to each image that I post. By offering alt text with the images I post I will be able to ensure that people that are blind or have other vision impairments will be properly able to understand what is being posted.





Accessibility in Distribution

In terms of distribution, I am planning to distribute each episode on soundcloud. I know that sound cloud is a bit more difficult to navigate than a more conventional platform like soundcloud or apple music but I think soundcloud is the best place to put it because it is entirely free and easily accessible. In addition, I will be sure to include a link to episodes in the bio of my instagram page along with a link attached to each post.


My goal in this project is to reach a large audience of diverse people. I think the people listening to the podcast will be fans of music or at least interested in the stories of the musicians themselves, however I think the podcast will be interesting to anyone and I am hoping to reach people that maybe would not be initially interested. Making sure that the podcast episodes and the instagram posts are accessible to anyone gives me the best chance of achieving this goal.