Project Overview: 

For my senior capstone project, I have created a short film portraying the issues about how social media consumes too much of our lives and affects our mental health in ways we should not let it. I want to normalize that what people portray their lives to be on social media may not be the reality of their lives, and will do this through the use of my videography camera. 

Prior Experience: 

I have been creating video content for about 3 years now. In my free time, I take my LUMIX camera with me wherever I can so I can put together fun videos of my friends, family, and I doing what we love to do most. I have used iMovie in the past and then upgraded to using Final Cut Pro, which is a more advanced version of iMovie. I have worked on the Alpha Phi recruitment video for the past 2 years now and got to work with a professional videographer so that was a really beneficial experience for me as I got to learn about different camera movements and ways to make a video stand out.



Ways in which this project will be similar to my prior projects would be using the same camera/equipment and ways this project will be different is my actors will be more staged with a script compared to my prior work that was more candid videos of friends and family that I captured on my own. This current project will challenge me in new ways because I have never created a video that discusses a current issue within our society. It will push me to be open minded and creative with ways I can convey this important message. 


Prep Work and Background Research:

For my film, I had to do lots of prep work so I could make sure I was creating a clean and concise film that everyone could understand, especially because there was only instrumental music playing during my scenes. I looked up a multitude of youtube videos about films on this topic just to get ideas flowing and then I was able to think about what actors/actresses I wanted to be in my film. Then, I created a storyboard that allowed me to film easily with every scene planned accordingly to each actor and actress. I also had to rent out the studios to shoot certain days. I created a poster along with a movie trailer of my film.

Primary Technologies and/or Software:

The technologies and software that were used for the final production of my project were my LUMIX camera, SD cards, MacBook Pro, iMovie, and a white backdrop/lighting in Boland Hall. Without each of these pieces of equipment, I would not have been able to put together a short film and each piece of technology was crucial for my success of this project. I was fortunate to have had all my equipment needed since I have past experience with videography. 

Project Considerations:

I will make my project inclusive by making sure no ethnic groups or race feels neglected or targeted in any way. I want to make sure that this message is something that everyone can make a change and difference with the way they perceive social media and mental health. I will use actors in the film that come from different ethnic backgrounds and will show what equality should look like in our world by representing the power and knowledge of love for those around you. 

Creation Process:

1.) Picked my overall theme of my film

2.) Thought about what actors/actresses I wanted to fit the role of my theme

3.) Created storyboard

4.) Studio time

5.) iMovie editing process

Final Deliverables:

My final deliverables would be my trailer, full film, and poster.

What I’d Do Differently:

Some things I would do differently would just been more organized and I would have bought a larger SD card. There were times that my card would be full and I would carry around two different SD cards and when I would go to export my clips and have to do it two times.