Inclusive Design

The Microsoft Inclusive Toolkit defines inclusive design as “a design methodology that enables and draws on the full range of human diversity. The points of exclusion in my primary deliverables, social media posts, represent mismatched human interactions. Using high-contrast colors in my designs will benefit people with vision impairments, and anyone looking at a screen in bright sunlight. 

The Persona Spectrum is used “to understand related mismatches and motivations across a spectrum of permanent, temporary, and situational scenarios. It’s a quick tool to help foster empathy and to show how a solution scales to a broader audience.”


Accessibility can be defined as “the qualities that make an experience open to all.” When I post my final deliverables on Luna’s Instagram account, I will add alternate text. Alt text describes images and conveys the meaning of images to those who are visually impaired. Here is the alt text that I added to the Instagram post for each of the designs.


After posting my three final deliverables, I hope to reach those in the Instagram community who have also struggled with their mental health or who have adopted/cared for rabbits. Since Luna’s Instagram is public, the posts will likely show up on other users’ “explore page” on the app. This helps get the word out about the project. I hope this post helps her followers realize that they are not alone with their feelings and struggles, and how strong the bunny community is in helping each other.