The intention of the project and the impact of it. 

The original intention of this project was to provide the band Double Suede with an assorted collection of promotional materials in an interview-style format. This idea was good but lacked direction and structure. After talking with the band, the project goal shifted to creating a collection of materials to accompany the band’s next album along with other material they are producing. In the end, through co-collaboration, I created usable content that reflects the band’s style. The collection of material will be experienced through social media like Instagram and Facebook, and video streaming platforms like YouTube; or wherever the band decides the content will work best. 

The project’s impact will be reflected in the content through this process, which should align with the unique style of Double Suede. The band and I, feel I was successful in emulating the style and overall personality of the band. However, because the content has not been posted to their socials yet the impact of the content is yet to be known. Hopefully, the videos will garner more attention and listeners to Double Suede. If I was unsuccessful during this project, the worst-case scenario regarding the impact of this project would have been due to poor collaboration between the band and I. Resulting in pieces that don’t reflect the band’s intentions or style. The content would have then been unusable for their social media pages. 


The identity and perspective of this project. 

The design of this project was all about identity and the question “Who are they”? I ensured that my goals and priorities for this project were aligned with the bands. The question of personal identity was present in both the production portion of the project as well as the post-production process. During production, it was important to get material of them while they were comfortable and in their natural state so as to get authentic reactions and answers from them. During the editing process, it was important to know their style. We collaborated on fonts, coloring, what questions to focus on, and what content of theirs to push.

I did a very good job at showing the band’s lived experience as a whole, however, I feel like I could have ‘talked’ about the member’s individual identities more. This project is essentially about Double Suede and therefore only about the member’s experience. There are only white people’s perspectives included in this project. On the other hand, two of the three members are gender non-conforming, however, this was not mentioned in my content as they didn’t mention it themselves.