Points of exclusion inherent in my deliverables. 

My project deliverables revolve around videos and video-based interviews. Therefore the deliverables inherently exclude people who are visually and auditorily impaired. Someone who is visually and auditorily impaired will have a completely different experience than someone who is not. To mitigate the exclusion of auditorily impaired people, every piece in this collection will either have closed captions or the words being said will be written out on the screen. Additionally, each piece also includes a transcript of the video or animation. Unfortunately, I cannot improve the experience for people who are visually impaired. There are screen readers, that would speak all of the actions on screen, however, those assets are not included in this project. 

Distribution of this content.

This project will be and is distributed on YouTube and Instagram and possibly Facebook along with my website once that is up and running again. Prior to the release of the video collection I had posted a story detailing all of the content that I was to post in the coming days to avoid confusion and get people “hyped” for the yearly release of my content. Additionally, I hope Double Suede distributes this content on all of its social media accounts. I hope this content reaches all of the fans of Double Suede, people within my circle who do not know Double Suede and people outside of my circle who do not know who I am or what type of content I create.