Pitch One: Working on the  ZEN App

I created a UI/UX design project called the ZEN App during my COM 453 Advanced Design class in the Spring of 2023. This project was very personal to me, and I put in a lot of effort researching and creating a prototype that aimed to help people struggling with mental health. The ZEN App is designed to be user-friendly and offer various features, such as mindfulness exercises, journaling prompts, and a directory of mental health professionals. It’s a convenient and accessible tool for people looking to improve their mental well-being. Despite a tight deadline of just over three weeks, I managed to use Figma and Adobe Illustrator to create branding, logos, and a prototype for the app. Additionally, I used Google Forms to conduct user surveys which helped me create a conducive user experience.

While my initial project only focused on the meditation feature, for this capstone project, I would like to add more features and go more in-depth into pages that I didn’t get to finish on the prototype.

Pitch Two:  Another UX/UI Design Project

I’m really passionate about crafting UI/UX design projects, and this will be my fourth one. In the past, I’ve only had a short amount of time to complete my projects, but this time around, I’ll have over two months to dedicate to the project. Adding another UI/UX project to my portfolio will be beneficial for me since that’s the industry I’m interested in working in this upcoming summer. My deliverables and software will be similar to my previous UI/UX projects, but I may present them on a different website, though I’m still uncertain about that. I don’t have a concrete idea of what I’ll be creating yet, but I’m considering doing a case study on the YouTube app and brainstorming ways to improve it. Additionally, I’m thinking of creating an AI tool/app, but I still need to conduct a survey to hash out the specifics of that idea.

File:YouTube Logo 2017.svg - Wikipedia

Pitch Three: Expanding my ZELARTS LLC. Brand

I’ve been working as a freelance designer and artist for more than two years now, and my brand, ZELARTS LLC., has been experiencing significant growth over the last few months. While I’m not quite sure how to turn this into a capstone project, I think it would be great to use the resources available through the communication department to promote my brand. Currently, I’m selling my artwork on my online store, but I’m interested in expanding beyond just posters and want to start selling clothing with designs I’ve created. I’m not quite sure how this would fit into a capstone project, but perhaps I could run a marketing campaign and set up pop-up shops in collaboration with SJU to sell my merchandise while documenting the entire process. Essentially, this project would involve me trying to increase my exposure and create new designs and artwork throughout the semester.

A collection of artwork of various musical artisti

2024, ZELARTS LLC. Poster Announcement