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Botto – Third Consideration Blog Post – Inclusive Design and Accessibility

Points of exclusion inherent in my deliverables.  My project deliverables revolve around videos and video-based interviews. Therefore the deliverables inherently exclude people who are visually and auditorily impaired. Someone who is visually and auditorily impaired will have a completely different… Continue Reading →

Second Consideration Blog Post – Diversity and Inclusion

The intention of the project and the impact of it.  The original intention of this project was to provide the band Double Suede with an assorted collection of promotional materials in an interview-style format. This idea was good but lacked… Continue Reading →

Jack Botto – First Consideration Post

What is the technology? One of the technologies I will be using to create the videos as part of my senior capstone project is Adobe Premiere Pro, a video audio and image editing software application. I have decided to use… Continue Reading →

Botto – Capstone 2023 Proposal

Jack Botto Senior Capstone Prosoal 02/02/2023 The Double Suede Project Topic: For this project, I will create a professional-grade interview-style video, showcasing the local Philadelphia band, Double Suede, and its three members. Additionally, this project will include a social media… Continue Reading →

Jack Botto: Senior Capstone Potential Projects

1) Short Film Project Objective:  To create a professional-grade documentary-style film that portrays a fictitious story based on true events relating to my childhood band. Duration about 15-25 minutes. Additionally, create a small social media campaign/ profile for the production… Continue Reading →

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