Jack Botto

Senior Capstone Prosoal


The Double Suede Project


For this project, I will create a professional-grade interview-style video, showcasing the local Philadelphia band, Double Suede, and its three members. Additionally, this project will include a social media campaign accompanying the production, previewing the band’s music and upcoming performances. I will set out two goals for this video series and social media campaign; the first is to create a piece of media that demonstrates my abilities in video and sound production, graphic design, and organization that I have curated over the course of my educational experience at Saint Joseph’s University. The second goal of this project is to create effective promotional material for Double Suede that allows members to display themselves in an authentic manner for their fans and future prospects.  

There are two demands for this project currently. The first demand is, in 3 months Double Suede will be releasing a new single and signing with a new record label. This project will serve as a marketing tool for that process. The second need for this project is for a quality portfolio piece. I have many pieces that display different technical skills relating to video and audio production, however, I do not have one piece that works as a conglomeration of all my skills learned so far, this project will fill that demand.

This subject is important because as mentioned above, with the release of a new single and the signing to a new record label, the band will need more promotional material than they currently have. This subject personally matters to me because they are one of, if not my favorite bands, and I would be more than willing to give them useful content to further the reach of Double Suede.


This project will have two parts, the first and larger part will be a video interview focusing on three points: who is Double Suede as a whole (this segment is about the music they have created together along with the band’s other accomplishments), who are the members of Double Suede (this segment is about the individual member, here we will talk about their ‘childhood’ in regards to who or what inspires them to create their music), and a showcase of an upcoming single and other prior work. The video interview would be around 10-15 minutes of interview with around 3-5 minutes of B-roll. Part two of this project will be a social media campaign focusing on Double Suede’s current content and its future. The campaign will include three to five social media posts regarding the production of the interview and the release of their upcoming single. This project will serve as a promotional tool for the band.


Audience and Impact:

The primary audience for this project is the potential future record labels, venues, fans of Double Suede, and Double Suede themself. This content will be made to appeal to fans and employers looking for an authentic viewpoint of the band and its music. The secondary audience for this project is potential employers looking at me. I have labeled it this way because I believe if I want to make an authentic piece, my subject’s desires should come first. 


In order to complete this project effectively I will need to consult a professional in the field. Through my years in the Saint Joseph’s University COM department, I have used multiple people from outside the university in order to complete other projects. I will be consulting them frequently throughout the entire process. Research that will be necessary to complete this project includes inquiries about shooting in low-light level rooms, video and sound editing tips, and writing tips (for what content to actually include in the piece).

Prior Experience/ Linked Examples:


Obstacles and Resources:

Potential obstacles:

When shooting a production I have learned that there are always going to be obstacles whether it is on set before you get there or post-production. Some potential obstacles are including but are not limited to faulty equipment, zoom/ camera malfunctions, location difficulties, lighting difficulties, and uncooperative clients/ subjects.

Potential resources needed:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Video Equipment, Audio Equipment, Lighting kit
    • 50mm lens, 25mm lens, tripod, x2 Zoom/ Audio mixer, x3 Lav mic, shotgun mic, Lighting kit, light diffuser, and more.
  • Locations
  • Travel/ Production Expenses