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Natalia Pereira – Formal Proposal

Topic: Being a college student is difficult: maintaining a school/life balance, time management, becoming increasingly independent, managing a good mental/physical health, and planning for the future are among some of the common concerns and struggles of college students. It can… Continue Reading →

Botto – Capstone 2023 Proposal

Jack Botto Senior Capstone Prosoal 02/02/2023 The Double Suede Project Topic: For this project, I will create a professional-grade interview-style video, showcasing the local Philadelphia band, Double Suede, and its three members. Additionally, this project will include a social media… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Formal Proposal

Topic For my senior capstone project, I will be focusing on outdoor photography, including photography of landscapes, nature, and wildlife. I took a photography course my Sophomore year at Saint Joseph’s and thoroughly enjoyed it, however I have not picked… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler – Formal Proposal

Documentary Title: “Work- school balance” Potential interviews: Megan Connelly, Owen Blemleck, Rachel Sullivan, Aimme someone in the career center, an employee from a company in the Philadelphia area who hires interns during the academic year Format: Documentary  My roll: beginning… Continue Reading →

Julianna Kissinger: Proposal

I will be creating strong promotional materials for the Communications & Media Studies Department at Saint Joseph’s University. This Department has very few, and outdated, handouts to promote themselves. This material will cover core & optional courses offered in the… Continue Reading →

Professions Through Portraits

  Topic:   Hi everyone! My name is Kevin Vandegrift. I am a senior majoring in Communication Studies here at Saint Joseph’s University. Heading into the spring, I am taking senior capstone as one of my final classes before I… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Pollution on the Environment, Wildlife, and Society as a Whole

Topic:For a while now pollution has been affecting our environment in a negative way which has caused harm to wildlife, the ozone layer, and drastic changes in weather over the years. Many of these issues stem from the amount of… Continue Reading →

Audubon Society Marketing Plan – Sean Fagan

Topic:   For my senior capstone project, I am going to be making a marketing plan for the Audubon Society, a non-profit organization that works towards the conservation of birds and their habitats. The marketing plan is going to consist… Continue Reading →

The Impact of Bunnies on Mental Health

Project Proposal Topic Hi everyone! My name is Lily Steele. I’m a senior at Saint Joseph’s University studying communications and journalism. For my capstone project, I will be focusing on mental health and how pets, specifically bunnies, have played a… Continue Reading →

The Who What and How of the Philadelphia Music Scene

Topic  For my final projecting I will be creating a podcast series that highlights local music in the Philadelphia area. It will focus on bands/artists themselves but it will also highlight people working in other areas of the music industry… Continue Reading →

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