Title: “Work- school balance”

Potential interviews: Megan Connelly, Owen Blemleck, Rachel Sullivan, Aimme someone in the career center, an employee from a company in the Philadelphia area who hires interns during the academic year

Format: Documentary 

My roll: beginning the docu and also narrating 

Editing tools: premiere pro 

Includes: b-roll, interviews, more causal environment shots, images and videos from the interviewee 

Equipment needed: camera, tripod, external microphone from the comm department

Access to the studio room in Boland Hall to film interviews

Total run time: 10-20 minutes maybe longer??

Extral collateral: mock-up IMBD page for my presentation, the documentary poster 


I am proposing the creation of a documentary. Ideally, this will be between 10-20 minutes, however, if I want to be sure to get all of the information and highlight each person so this timing could change. My subjects will be interviewed based on time management, social life, friend group pressure, parental pressure, and financial needs. The non-college students will speak more about dealing with overworked students, teaching the internship course, and getting students into internships. If I can find a company that hires full-time students, I would like to ask them about their experience with full-time students. I want this project to be used in the marketing of the internship course, as well as used as a tool for students to determine the correct path for them as they narrow down their career goals. This will be honest documentation on the pros and cons of working almost full-time while taking courses. 


Video editing and production is something that I excel at and I have put a lot of time into learning. This project will show my passion for the importance of professional development in college, as well as showcase my ability to plan, write, produce, and edit a documentary. I will need access to Boland Hall to film the interviews in the room with the studio backdrops and lights. I will also need access to a camera and tripod, external mic, and wired mic for interviews and voiceovers. I want to be able to combine everything I have been able to use in the last 4 years into the production of this project. 


Some obstacles I foresee are my interviewee’s schedules. I have a ton of free time in my schedule, however, I will need to be persistent with people about managing their time and giving me 100% for this project. Also my own time management and technology. I know from sad experience that technology is not foolproof so I need to be proactive with editing to be sure that I am not wasting any time since I have one shot at this. I need to create a schedule once I begin reaching out seriously for interviews. One thing that will help me with the creation is I will storyboard the entire thing to make editing easier and more consistent. 


Weeks 4- 15


4: storyboard documentary

5: and reach out to student interviewees, schedule those interviews (create questions)

6:  create questions and begin interviewing student subjects

7: Student Interviews. /b roll filming

8: reach out to faculty interviewees, and schedule faculty interviews (create different questions)

9: Faculty Interviews

10: begin editing 

11: write the final script and complete voiceovers 

12: edit

13: edit

14: finish editing for drafts due in class

15: apply corrections and screen the documentary