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See course website for proposal requirements. Proposals are due Wednesday, 2/1 by NOON.

Michael Perino – First Post

The technology that I have selected to discuss is the design tool “Figma”. Figma is a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool for user interface design. It has risen in popularity in the industry due to its versatility and… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – Formal Proposal

Topic: Being a college student is difficult: maintaining a school/life balance, time management, becoming increasingly independent, managing a good mental/physical health, and planning for the future are among some of the common concerns and struggles of college students. It can… Continue Reading →

Julia Stokes Updated Formal Proposal

Topic: Brand Renewal of Glossier Cosmetics: Creation of Sub Brand “Glossier Ètoile” Featuring A Brand Kit, Mock Instagram Account, and Development of 3 potential products for the brand Additionally, a 10 Minute video essay will be included discussing the history… Continue Reading →

Botto – Capstone 2023 Proposal

Jack Botto Senior Capstone Prosoal 02/02/2023 The Double Suede Project Topic: For this project, I will create a professional-grade interview-style video, showcasing the local Philadelphia band, Double Suede, and its three members. Additionally, this project will include a social media… Continue Reading →

Jessica Smith- Formal Proposal

The 14:1 Podcast Introduction I will be creating the 14:1 podcast to inspire young women in their walk through life and in their walk with their faith. Proverbs 14:1 is one of my favorite Bible verses that says, “A wise… Continue Reading →

Caroline Scallion: Formal Proposal

Philadelphians’ Opinions on the Keys to a Happy Marriage I will be conducting one on one interviews with married men and women in Philadelphia, and asking them one consistent question: what do you think the key to a happy marriage… Continue Reading →

Arianna Markatos: Formal Proposal

Topic:  For my senior capstone, I will be creating a website for my sister’s photography/videography business. Elena created her Instagram account, @lenamarkvids, a little over 2 years ago. It’s a space where she has evolved as a photographer and video… Continue Reading →

Joe Schreibman: Formal Proposal

Reflecting on my past The main topic I will be focusing on in this project will be the most difficult times in my life.  This subject matters to me because I want others to know that they are not alone,… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Formal Proposal

Topic For my senior capstone project, I will be focusing on outdoor photography, including photography of landscapes, nature, and wildlife. I took a photography course my Sophomore year at Saint Joseph’s and thoroughly enjoyed it, however I have not picked… Continue Reading →

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