Reflecting on my past

The main topic I will be focusing on in this project will be the most difficult times in my life.  This subject matters to me because I want others to know that they are not alone, and we all experience challenges that we deal with.  This project connects to my personal aspirations because I have gone through really rough events in life, and I want to be able to show them to others.  I have always been reluctant to share my personal issues, but I now want to do so because I am on the verge of graduating college.

The form my project will take is a multimedia essay.  I plan to do this because I feel it will best express me, and I have discussed this with Bill in advising.  It will allow me to fully relate my experiences from my point of view.  I also plant to have other people that have been around me discuss their views on my struggles and relations.  It will be part documentary and part reading.  An example similar to mine is this multimedia essay.  This is similar because it will have all the tools I plan to have like writing, videos, and images.  This will be different because I will not be using prezi.  I have used prezi many times, and I feel like that is too basic and not challenging for me.  Another example similar to what I plan to do is this multimedia essay.  This example is similar to my idea because it contains sound, images, and text.  It is different because it reads like a basic article, and it is too basic.  Mine will contain audio, text, and images.  Mine will be more personal.

The audience for my story will be myself and others.  I plan to talk about my events in a first person point of view.  My secondary audiences will be people having to deal with my struggles.  This will include family, friends, and others who I have spoken to about my struggles.  They are needed in my project because it will help expand the story of my journeys and will prevent too much bias.  I cannot simply base this by just me talking about myself.

Prior experience I have had with this type of project was in Digital Field Methods with Dr. Hammer.  We had to create podcast and videos using an H5 Zoom recorder, and many other devices.  I want this assignment to be like that, but in my own directions.  We had to follow guidelines and we weren’t allowed to do what we wanted when we had to create a video.  It had to be a TASTY video for one assignment.  Here, I get to choose who to interview, what to do, and everything else.  Besides the podcast, I will have a book part of this assignment.  This will support the podcast, and I will write my experiences on my issues and relate it back to my podcast.  This is how the project will challenge me.  My Educational Experience in the SJU COM department for this capstone is, in my opinion, mostly from Hammer’s Digital Field Methods class I mentioned.

Research I plan to incorporate into my project is making sure I get my interviews done, and bringing out the best in myself because this is based on my experiences.  I need to ask good questions and do some deep thinking.  This project is a three month journey, so I have to make sure I have enough of everything.  My resources and obstacles will be an H5 Zoom recorder, adobe indesign, and canva.  This will be to do my interviews, create my own design logo, and to do the written part for this multimedia essay.



Week 1: Doing research and gathering sources

Week 2: Creating designs

Week 3: Interviewing first person

Week 4: Writing first part of book

Week 5: Interviewing second person

Week 6: Writing second part of book

Week 7: Interviewing third person

Week 8: Writing third part of book

Week 9: Interviewing fourth person

Week 10: Writing fourth part of book

Week 11: Continue to meet with Bill and progressing on project

Week 12: Finalizing

Week 13: Presentations