The 14:1 Podcast


I will be creating the 14:1 podcast to inspire young women in their walk through life and in their walk with their faith. Proverbs 14:1 is one of my favorite Bible verses that says, “A wise woman builds her house, while a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.” The message of the podcast will be rooted in the idea of letting go and letting God. Women face so many challenges throughout their lives, especially in their twenties. The purpose of my podcast will be to talk about some challenges I have endured and how I have kept my faith through those hard times. For example, I plan to discuss grieving the loss of loved ones, relationships, friendships, working and the job search, mental health, stressors of school, working out, women’s health and so much more. 

This topic is very important to me and I always have envisioned myself having a podcast similar to this. There is definitely a demand in society for women to empower women and for women to be vulnerable with each other. I believe that I have the ability to speak to a lot of young women’s hearts and possibly help them with whatever challenge they are faced. After losing my mom so young, I wish I had a podcast like this to listen to and to keep me grounded in my faith. I plan to go into Human Resources so this podcast does not necessarily align with my professional goals however being a Christian is a big part of my identity and is something I am very passionate about. 


My project will be in the form of a podcast because podcasts are becoming more and more popular. I am also a big podcast listener myself and find they are a great way to reset at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. This semester, I would like to complete eight episodes with the intention of continuing them post-graduation. I would also like to create a WIX page where I am able to store all of my podcasts together with some “about” information. This page can be a landing place for all new listeners.  As I envision my podcast right now, a listener will hear someone sharing relatable stories and giving advice and tips. I believe they will see me as an “older sister” or someone they can turn to for advice. Lastly, I hope listeners will experience a sense of friendship, belonging, and knowing that they are not alone in whatever they are challenged with.

Two podcasts that are similar to what I will create are:

WHOA That’s Good Podcast on Apple Podcasts

I see my podcast being pretty similar to the “WOAH That’s Good” Podcast however, I plan to talk about things that are more fitting for high school and college-aged young women. This podcast focuses a lot on relationships and your overall walk with faith but does not discuss the hard truth of the challenges women face. 

For You From Eve

I love this podcast because she talks about challenges in life however, it is missing the faith aspect. In some episodes, she discusses her faith and how her faith has helped her but I think tying all of my episodes back to faith would be the main difference. 

Audience and Impact: 

I believe my main audience is going to be girls around the ages of 18-24. I would assume 18-24 would be my primary audience however, the ages that surround those could be my secondary audiences. My secondary audience could also be males for some of the episodes or even women that are a little older or younger. I think they will be interested in this if they are also on their faith journey and maybe need a little hope as they navigate through life. I think it could have a great impact on people because it is really hard to find that sense of community when you are at these ages and figuring out life on your own. I plan to tell all of my Christian friends and acquaintances about it as well. I do believe this project matters and I do believe it is needed because as mentioned earlier, this is something I wish I had the last few years. 

Prior Experience: 

I have made websites and gained social media traction in the past. I built a WIX website years ago for that account although it no longer exists. As far as podcasting goes, I worked on Free Mind Entrepreneur Network — Beautiful Social Research Collaborative last semester and had the opportunity to learn a lot about microphones and production. While I will not be filming any videos, I gained a lot of knowledge when it came to sound and sound production. I also helped my brother when he looked into the idea of starting a podcast and learned a lot from him. This project will be different though because I am doing this individually and I am learning a new form of storytelling, communication, and ultimately an entirely new medium. I think it will be a great challenge for me to complete this however, I am very passionate about it and I know it will be done. 

Educational Experience:

I have not taken any podcasting course at Saint Joe’s as it is something I have learned on my own outside of school. That being said, SJU’s Communication department has always encouraged me to think outside of the box and do things outside of my comfort zone. I have used WIX pages before so I have a good understanding of what that looks like. The department has taught me a lot about Adobe though so I do plan on using Adobe Audition for editing. I also have used Canva a lot in these courses so designing a logo for the podcast will not be an issue at all. 


I plan to do a lot of research into other podcasts. I want to see what topics are discussed in some of the most well-known podcasts for young women. I also want to research the amount of time people actually listen to podcasts before getting bored and turning them off. I will have to research the best type of microphone to use for what I am trying to accomplish. Because this is something I want to continue after college, I will probably buy my own microphone instead of relying on the school microphones. I will also have to do research on publishing podcasts and getting them on different platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. 

Top 10 Podcast Microphones 2023 (

Apple Podcasts – Apple

Obstacles and Resources: 

While I am learning more about podcasting, I will definitely have to watch a lot of videos in order to understand what to do and how to do it correctly. I know the basics of sound editing but I will have to dive deeper. That being said, Dr. Hammer is not here this semester, so I may have to ask other people for help. I also plan to invite guests to some of the episodes so it may be challenging for me to coordinate and schedule times with people. I think the best way for me to deal with that problem though would be to always have a backup plan whether that is someone else, changing dates around, or doing a topic that I can discuss on my own. 


For the next week or so I really want to work on a rough outline. I want to begin to come up with my eight topics and who I may be interested in talking to. I also will be doing a lot of research (and purchasing) over the next two weeks so that I am able to hit the ground running in the middle of February. After that, I would like to get one episode done per week. That way I am on track to finishing on time and may even have extra podcasts made. As far as the WIX site goes, it will also be happening in the next two or three weeks. Once I have the site up, I will have a place to put the episodes. This week, I plan to create a logo on top of the research I need to complete.