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Jessica Smith: Third Consideration Post

Avoiding Exclusions & Creating Inclusions As I have been working on The 14:1 Podcast, I have been challenged by the fact that it excludes those who are deaf. When thinking about this in and outside of class, I have realized… Continue Reading →

Jessica Smith- Second Consideration Post- s23

Second Consideration Post Intention The intention behind The 14:1 Podcast is to talk about issues young women face through the lens of faith and Christianity. I want this podcast to be inspiring and encouraging to young adult women in the… Continue Reading →

Jessica Smith- Consideration #1

Technology: Anchor Application I will be using Anchor for my podcast. Anchor is a podcasting software/application that allows you to edit, host, record, and distribute your recordings/podcast episodes.  3 Features to Master: Editing Audio I have played around with anchor… Continue Reading →

Jessica Smith- Formal Proposal

The 14:1 Podcast Introduction I will be creating the 14:1 podcast to inspire young women in their walk through life and in their walk with their faith. Proverbs 14:1 is one of my favorite Bible verses that says, “A wise… Continue Reading →

Jessica Smith- Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone Pitches:   Podcast– I have always been interested in creating a podcast because I have had a pretty crazy life. I would talk about some of the hard things I have gone through while sharing what I have… Continue Reading →

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