Avoiding Exclusions & Creating Inclusions

As I have been working on The 14:1 Podcast, I have been challenged by the fact that it excludes those who are deaf. When thinking about this in and outside of class, I have realized the importance of transcriptions. I am inviting the excluded back to the table by creating a transcript. The transcripts for the episodes will be posted on the website I am making. Linking the podcast to the website and putting the transcript there makes it more inclusive for everyone.

In a similar but different way to podcasting, creating a website excludes the blind. Creating a podcast allows those who are interested to listen and not have to read. I find that by using both interchangeably, I am offering both options to the public. Deaf or blind people will have whichever they need readily available. On the other hand, people that are not deaf or blind will have a preference for reading or listening.

Distributing my project and getting the word out is going to be a lot of hearsay. I plan to tell people in my church and in my Christian community. Currently, I am taking a break from social media however, maybe in the future I could continue to grow this on social media. I have thought about making stickers as well to give out. Luckily, I have an amazing Christian young adults group that has been supporting me along the way and they are all sharing the information with their family and friends as well. Slowly but surely, the podcast will gain some traction. I am not worried about having it become a massive podcast but instead, I want it to inspire and touch at least one person.