The video I am creating is composed of short interviews with married people in the Philadelphia area. Each participant will be responding to the same prompt and passing along advice from their own perspectives and in their own words. It is important to keep inclusive design tools in mind so that everyone can enjoy the content that I create.

Point of Exclusion – Audio

One of the most important elements of the video will be hearing what each individual has to say. The participants will be hooked up to a microphone so that they can be heard loudly and clearly. People who have hearing impairments will not be able to decipher and interpret the sound through the microphone/speaker. Closed captions and a transcript will help those who can’t hear the video well by providing a written version of what each person is saying. These resources not only help those with impaired hearing, but also help people listening to the video in a loud room, people learning English, and gives viewers the option to watch the video with the sound off.

Point of Exclusion – Visual

Another important element of the video is being able to see the participants involved. For blind or visually impaired people, this is an obstacle. But, creating a VoiceOver with audio description of the visual elements that are not accessible to those with vision loss, solves this issue. VoiceOvers help describe what the viewer would see when no dialogue is happening. It includes the viewers by describing the background, mood, color, what the individuals involved look like, etc in depth. Learn more about how VoiceOvers are a great inclusive design tool.

It is important to keep the tools in mind regardless of if I will use them or not. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the video I create and it is essential to identify the tools that make that possible. Luckily, these inclusive design tools can be used on social media, which is how I plan to promote my video(s). Through Youtube and Tik Tok, as well as getting my peers involved to expand my reach, I will be able to expand the the impact the video has.