Access Design Solutions in Film 


Unfortunately, since I will be producing a video, my video is not accessible to everyone to enjoy the same way. The first point of exclusion in my capstone project is the fact that it is a video. You have to be able to see clearly to be able to enjoy the full content of the project. One way I could combat this is by making an inclusive version. Last class, we were able to see and mostly hear an inclusive version of a video. This was incredible to see. If I have the time and materials to create a second version I would love to do this since inclusivity is important to me. This was something new that I had never seen before and I would love to see more of this in video production in the future. 


The second point of exclusion my capstone project will have is the audio. To enjoy the audio offered in the documentary, you would need to be able to hear. And while physically we can not give them that ability, I can incorporate closed captions right into the video. This is not something that will be new, closed captions are something very common and is a feature directly in both premiere pro and youtube making this a simple task that will be implemented in my documentary since I have used this feature before in other projects in my time at Saint Joe’s. This is an accessible design solution that I am very familiar with. 


I am going to be distributing my project through the internet. However to paint a picture for people before clicking and also during my presentation, I will be designing a movie poster which will not add much to my plate. Design is another one of my passions and I know it will enhance someone’s perception of the project without actually having to watch. A poster promotion will make it more serious and show my dedication. I will hope it will reach people internally and externally at SJU, I will try and spread the word and gain traction by having my friends and peers view and hopefully, people will continue that spread.