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Stephanie Wengler: Third Consideration Post

Access Design Solutions in Film    Unfortunately, since I will be producing a video, my video is not accessible to everyone to enjoy the same way. The first point of exclusion in my capstone project is the fact that it… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 1

Technology: Adobe Premiere Pro    I have chosen to speak about Adobe Premiere Pro. The one I have is updated to the most recent version so 2023, but it does have updates sometimes. There is other editing software that other… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 2

Intention and hopes for my project My intention for this project is to educate and inspire. Educate students in all majors to consider gaining professional experience before graduating and let me learn and understand the benefits and purpose of doing… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler – Formal Proposal

Documentary Title: “Work- school balance” Potential interviews: Megan Connelly, Owen Blemleck, Rachel Sullivan, Aimme someone in the career center, an employee from a company in the Philadelphia area who hires interns during the academic year Format: Documentary  My roll: beginning… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler- Senior Capstone Pitches

Work-school balance: A documentary about the challenges and benefits of working professionally while going to school. Interview people who hire interns that are also in school, interview students in the internship course and students who didn’t receive credit for their… Continue Reading →

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