Intention and hopes for my project

My intention for this project is to educate and inspire. Educate students in all majors to consider gaining professional experience before graduating and let me learn and understand the benefits and purpose of doing so. I hope it will achieve just that. By giving the students and faculty a platform to voice their opinions as well as provide factual evidence, my hope is that it will reach a broader audience. 


I hope the impact it will have will be positive. I hope it is lived and experienced in a way that will inspire. I hope the impact is higher enrollment in the communications department, higher enrollment in the communications internship class or com 491 and I hope in general is gives students who maybe do not have a close mentor telling them to branch out into the professional world, to gain the urge to push themselves to do it on their own or ask for help. It is a daunting task as an underclassman to ask for an internship or continuously apply for them, but that is why I want to make this documentary so that they know there are other people in the same position. 

Best + Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario is going to be when all of my interviewees are on top of their own lives to make time to be filmed. When premiere pro allows me to use it for extended periods of time without overheating, and when I am motivated to make this project the best that it can be. I will have the entire thing completed and edited to show my peers and it will be something I am incredibly proud of. The worst case scenario will be that people are not on top of their game or answering me, editing software does not go to plan and ultimately I am unable to produce something I would actually want to show people. 

Personal identities and design influence 

This is something I have thought about a lot in my design approach. Documentaries are my favorite genre of television so obviously, I have seen a lot of amazingly produced professional documentaries and at this stage in my life, I just will not have the same capabilities as them. However, they will influence my design. I have an image in my head of how I want this to look so I am hoping it will translate well back to what is actually produced in the end. 

Missing perspectives or lived experiences / unrepresented communities 

I think my documentary will have some missing perspectives. For example, all of my interviewees are white. That was just how the cookie crumbled, I reached out to multiple people and the three that responded happened to be white. Also, all of the faculty members in the pool of relevance to my project are white. I also do not have any people who have disabilities. While I intend to make my project as inclusive as possible and it needs to be, there just is no content to work about that lived experience. I will make my project inclusive by hopefully getting diverse answers from my interviewees, maybe they can provide insight from someone else. The entire project will be accessible meaning closed captions and such.