Technology: Adobe Premiere Pro 


I have chosen to speak about Adobe Premiere Pro. The one I have is updated to the most recent version so 2023, but it does have updates sometimes. There is other editing software that other professionals in the industry would use. I think a final cut pro would be next to premiere as the most used for higher quality projects since something like i movie which is free does not have all the same capabilities and features as premiere or final cut pro. However, they do cost money and it is not cheap by any means. I pay 20$ a month for adobe creative cloud giving me access to all their applications, however, the normal price is almost double and in comparison, final cut pro is 299$ up front. Premiere affords me the ability to seamlessly edit clips together using pre-existing knowledge from having access to it for years. Something like final cut pro would constrain me from doing this project well since I would have to learn a whole new software. I chose this brand, model, and version not only because I already have access to it, but also because I am well-versed in how to use it efficiently. I need to master a lot of fine-tuning in my skills. One would be audio matching the clips. I have done this before in com 203, but I will definitely need to take my time and brush up on those skills. Color correcting is something I want to implement in my project. I have done this a little bit in 203 to correct bad lighting on who I was interviewing, but I intend to look up more ways to do it. Finally, I will need to master graphics on premiere, to make my video inclusive, I will need to do captions, and some headers for names and locations. This technology reflects cultural values since it is prominent in the social institution where we study. Most communications majors are able to navigate the application which affords them the ability to understand how I made my project and maybe how they would have been able to do it. This technology will personally afford me lots of opportunities. I will be able to edit my documentary since I have taken the time to learn and understand the software. Because of that skill, I will be able to edit it thoroughly and produce an exported project. It will also afford me the opportunity to continue learning, I am sure there are a lot of functions on premiere I have yet to dive into and master, and since I am able to do these things, I will be able to learn. Finally, this application will afford me abilities, I am lucky enough to be able to use my laptop correctly and also have the ability to use all of the functions of premiere, this is something that would be incredibly difficult to do if I were blind, deaf, missing 1 or both hands. The only way this technology will constrain me is if it is crashing or is unable to work.