1. Work-school balance: A documentary about the challenges and benefits of working professionally while going to school.

    Interview people who hire interns that are also in school, interview students in the internship course and students who didn’t receive credit for their internship, and people who chose not to have any internships at all. Use my own personal experiences of working for the last 2 years while taking a full course load. Interview the professors who take the internship course. Use data and do research to make this accurate to all students, not just SJU. This would utilize everything I have learned from audio video to recording and producing an interview, informed consent forms I used for starttalkingsju and my summer scholars, as well as educate viewers, should decide to gain professional experience in college. It is something I am very passionate about since I believe all of my experiences have added to my resume and make it easier to find jobs post-grad.
  2. Women in Sports podcast: For this, I would interview women in the sports industry and share my experiences working in professional sports. These podcasts would be about 20-30 minutes long and I would create all the promotional materials for it. This would include a poster, the podcast cover, and individual episode covers. I was a cheerleader here at SJU for 3 years so I have a relationship with places like the athletics department and aa lot of athletes themselves which could be an episode. I would probably choose to post this on sound cloud since it’s free and easy to access. This would utilize the skills I learned in COM 203 of recording sound and also editing it together, and graphic design which is something I use almost every day in my outside job. I would also consider using word press to create a website for the podcast creating its own brand and place for people to view other material I would collect from other creators. I’ve worked in word press a lot not only for class but my internship I have been in charge of editing websites.
  3. Rebrand of a small business. My friends family owns 2 bakeries in North Jersey and they have never had marketing help. It is called Las Cubanitas this is the current instagram. https://www.instagram.com/lascubanitasbakeshop/?hl=en. Its an authentic Cuban bakery and has a lot of potential to get off the ground digitally and attract people, however they do not even have a website nor do they have a solid social media presence. I would like to use my skills from COM 203 and track the progression of their growth even if they do not have the money to set up a website, just to even get them a win page started to get the word out. This would have some travel aspect which is fine with me since I already work in New Jersey once a week and I have a lot of freedom in my schedule currently, plus she can send photos. This would be a passion project since I would be giving them this work for free and watching to progression of their small business grow.