Senior Capstone Pitches:



I have always been interested in creating a podcast because I have had a pretty crazy life. I would talk about some of the hard things I have gone through while sharing what I have learned. I also think it would be different to talk about what has kept me going. I would talk about friends, health, faith, family, and more in order to make it as relatable as possible. The podcast has the opportunity to be inspirational and motivational to people, especially to a target audience of high school to college-aged women. I have very little experience with making podcasts but I listen to them frequently. I would have to use equipment from school and I would plan to make at least 10-15 episodes. I would be encouraged to keep this podcast going through the years so this is a project I would really embrace and want to continue to grow.  ‎Trying Not to Care on Apple Podcasts



If I do not go the podcast route, I would use a WordPress site and make a blog. Instead of speaking what I think I would write. I have always wanted to write a book so this would be a good starting point for me. I would cover the same type of topics that I was considering in the podcast however, I would have more flexibility because they can all be separate entities. My concern is that blogging and websites are not strongly desired in today’s world. I feel as though most people would want to listen rather than read.

Cup of Jo | Cup of Jo


Revamp Foodswithjess-

When I was a freshman at my community college, I was on a huge health kick and really focused on holistic health. I found a passion for cooking and started an Instagram page. I would love to revamp this and start over however, I deleted Instagram off my phone and would have to go back to it in order to complete this. I am not opposed to the idea at all. I would share a lot of recipes, health and wellness tips, and my story about food sensitivities. I would definitely rely on Photoshop and Illustrator. This was really great for me while I was doing it as I offered a lot of products from start-up companies and had the opportunity to partner with a bunch. I am just on the fence about going back to social media.

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