Technology: Anchor Application

I will be using Anchor for my podcast. Anchor is a podcasting software/application that allows you to edit, host, record, and distribute your recordings/podcast episodes. 

3 Features to Master:

Editing Audio
  • I have played around with anchor and some sample recordings already and it seems fairly easy. I will have to be sure to master trimming audio, splitting it, and deleting it though in order for me to work quickly and precisely when editing these episodes. 
Podcast Hosting
  • Anchor makes it extremely easy to host your files and offers free hosting for an unlimited number of podcast episodes. There is no limits on data usage or file sizes however, I will have to master the skill of transferring the files from my laptop files over to Anchor in order to start the actual editing process.
Podcast Distributing/Publishing
  • People who use Anchor are able to publish their podcasts onto multiple major podcast platforms simultaneously. While simultaneously sounds great, I want to first master the transition process before trying to do a bunch of platforms at once. I will also have to be creative in my writing under each episode and work to make sure it is a clear and concise summary of what the episode entails. 



Using software like Anchor, I am able to further distribute my work on various platforms thus, allowing it to be heard by lots of people. I will be able to see other podcasts and allow my guests to even potentially sit down with me to listen before anything is published. I can save files to send to a previous guest or can show people how I am editing them right on the spot. Overall, Anchor is a medium to get the final product out to the world and out to my show’s special guests. 


Cultural Values

Anchor allows people to listen to a variety of podcasts with millions of different topics. Anchor is one of the leading distribution software on the internet right now because it is free, it has access to many streaming platforms, and can be used by first time podcasters. It covers a lot of different possible hindrances in comparison to other applications people may use. I overall think Anchor is the best choice because of how dynamic and representative it is.


Affordances of Anchor 

Anchor is an all-in-one type of tool. I wanted to use Anchor because it has a lot of possibilities in one spot. I am not a super tech-savvy person so, with Anchor’s design, will allow me to accomplish my project without the headache of multiple different software. It is easily accessible, gives me a lot of free creative range, and allows me to distribute my work while possibly monetizing it. Anchor gives me a free creative range because there are a lot of features however, it is always free. There are no gimmicks or “pay more for” type of packages therefore, I can access all that I want. 


Ways it Will Not Afford my Actions

I want to continue my podcast after college and have it be something I do on the side for a lot of years to come. From my own research, many people have said Anchor is great for the first year or two but, when you become more clear on your overall vision, you may want to switch to a higher-end application for your podcast. While I do not see any problems with Anchor right now, I am unsure of how much growth I will see as time goes on. It may become a very standard and basic podcasting sight where I could potentially feel stuck a year from now.