One of the technologies that will be central to my project is Adobe InDesign.  I have used this for years in some of my other communication courses, and I am very familiar with it.  I am using this as the way to combine my audio and writing for my multimedia essay.  In Adobe InDesign, it allows me to include audio without having a video clip.



There are a number of ways for me to master Adobe InDesign.  One way I have to master this platform is learning how to incorporate parts of audio into my project along with my written text.  One way I plan to master this process is by doing some mock recordings and incorporating them into InDesign just to be sure that they work properly.  A second way for me to master this platform is to make sure I know how to format the pages, so I can make this look like an actual chapter/article.  I plan to do a memoir format for my capstone project.  A third way for me to master this platform would be for me to understand how to insert the designs I make from another platform (canva) that I plan to use.



This platform is social because it will allow to write down my thoughts and feelings about my past experiences.  The design feature that will enable this is the pages feature.  Another way this platform is social is because it allows for audio and that can start a conversation and allow people to be more open.  When we talk about our feelings instead of writing them, it can open the door for more thinking.  The design feature that enables this is media in InDesign.  A third way this platform is social is because I can set this up like a book.  The design feature is more than just the pages feature.  I want this to mock a memoir but in smaller form.  I do not actually plan to write a 300 page book.  I plan to separate each part of my project and the people I plan to interview.



This form of technology reflects cultural values because we have been able to read through technology instead of by hand.  Another way this form of technology reflects cultural values is because it is not difficult, and it is easy to follow and grasp.  A third way this form of technology reflects cultural values is because we can do whatever we want.  We do not have to listen to someone else or copy one’s work.  We can come up with our own, which is what I am doing because I am basing it off of my life.



One way that this technology will help me because it is not difficult to use, and, as mentioned, I have used this for my other communication classes.  I not have any problems using this.  Another way is that this technology can be used at my leisure, and I do not need to have any specific download in order to do so.  A third way this technology will help me is that I can go my own way and have my design that is uniquely my own.



One constraint with this piece of technology is that some audio will not allow me to go back once I start playing it, even if I pause it.  During my presentation, I will not show the whole audio.  I will just show part of it.  Another constraint is that this technology does not read like an audiobook.  The reader will have to read themselves.  The audio I plan to include is to show my interview.  In my pages, I plan to take some quotes from my interviewees but, obviously, not all.  One last constraint is that I need to make sure I save all of my material appropriately because I do not know what will happen if a certain download that I want to use does not work.