For a while now pollution has been affecting our environment in a negative way which has caused harm to wildlife, the ozone layer, and drastic changes in weather over the years. Many of these issues stem from the amount of trash that has been dumped out on the floor that is not thrown out or recycled properly. Since covid began masks have become an issue and are being thrown on the ground as well as being found with trash while also becoming an issue in marine life. This subject is important because without rapid change the damage that has been/is being done to the environment will become irreversible. I think there is a demand because plenty of people and myself included would like to see the environment and wildlife flourish in the best way possible. As a society we would be losing plenty of wildlife while destroying their environments that are so gorgeous and provide homes for species all over the world to live and thrive in. I have always been interested in wildlife and trying to maintain a livable environment for these animals and if the issue of pollution continues at the rate it is going they may lose that ability. This project does connect with my professional goals as it will be a multimedia project which is the field I plan on going into after school.


My project will take a multimedia approach as I will use video, audio, images, and even write about some of my research and findings on my website in a blog style fashion. I will use video/photography as a way to show a visual message of the harm that is being done when people leave their trash wherever they would like. For the audio perspective I would like to go to a location where there seems to be a flourishing environment with the sounds of wildlife at the forefront. I would take about 2-3 minutes of audio while I am there, half of the audio would be just recorded sounds while the other half would be recorded audio from inside of a piece of trash. This would give the listener an idea of what nature would sound like if the trash keeps on compiling up in our environment. My last step of my multimedia approach would be to include my photos into a sort of photo essay giving facts and trying to apply solutions in order to take a step in the right direction with this issue.
Prior/Educational Experience
In the past I have used audio and video for prior projects. I used audio to record multiple topics such as interviews and sounds of certain areas while using video in an interview form. I have used Adobe Audition as well as Premier Pro to edit my audio and video. I am also familiar with using both the recording device for my audio as well as the camera for both photos and video in order to capture sounds as well as visuals to support my project. I have enjoyed the process of using audio and video and how it is used to convey a message. Taking prior COM classes have definitely helped in order to fulfill this project as I have learned multiple techniques in order to capture the best sounds and visuals. I will be challenged in the fact that this is the first time I am doing a multimedia project related to the environment and understand that I will have to travel around to multiple different locations in order to find the best places to convey my message in the most effective way possible. The link below is a link to my website where I have posted some of my audio clips that I have recorded in the past.
For this topic I will have to go in depth with my research in order to find the best and most effective research possible. There is plenty of research out there in order to strengthen my overall message. I will just have to figure out where/how it will fit best into my scenario. I also think maybe getting some surveys via google forms or asking people and recording their response will be very effective as well in gaining more of an understanding on how people are being affected by pollution and their opinions on how to improve the issue at hand. Also finding research on how masks have had a negative impact on the environment might be a bit harder to find since the research is so new and has not been totally researched by professionals.

Obstacles and Resources:
During this process I will definitely run into some obstacles that will take me off track. Identifying a couple may be finding locations that will be good for taking photos and videos, trying to find research on certain topics such as the effects of mask pollution, and finding the best way possible for my message to reach the most amount of people in the most effective way. However as the semester goes on I am confident that I will be able to hurdle these obstacles to the best of my ability. The resources I need are all available at the COM department. These resources include, camera, tripod, recording device, recording mic, and a flash drive.
First I will need to begin my initial research on the facts of pollution while also trying to find as much information as possible about the effects of masks on the environment. While simultaneously going out into the environment to try and capture my audio and visuals for the project. I will head to plenty of different locations in order to get the most amount of content I can to present my ideas. I will also be trying to conduct some surveys in order to get different ideas on how people feel about this issue while also getting possible solutions in order to take a step in the right direction. After all of this I will use my research to come up with a solution that I can attempt to implement in public. After putting together all of my research along with my audio and video I will compile it into one project which I will then be able to present as a whole.