Project Intent

Through my project, LifeeWithOthers, I intend to help others feel less alone through the power of storytelling. I hope to achieve this by the interviews I will be conducting and the design I will be implementing. I want to interconnect my words and the words of others in a meaningful way that will allow for audiential reflection. I want my project to impact others. I have never been one to weigh impact on a mass scale. I have always believed that one miniscule impact can go through great waves to impact others the same way. Maybe it is kind advice you gave to a struggling friend who then takes that advice to their struggling family member, and then your advice is out in the world helping each struggling individual see things a bit more clearer and all you needed was that first impact; the minuscule one. I hope the book I am creating, LifeeWithOthers, is able to make that first miniscule impact so it can ripple through friends, families, strangers, and make that large impact, through that chain reaction. 


Best Scenario

The best scenario in regards to my book is that people love it and absorb it and live it! That they take the words they are consuming and are able to reflect and implement these stories into their real lives. I want them to see that they aren’t alone, that other people are out in the world grieving or questioning or doubting, but choosing to exist anyway. I want to form a community of people who choose to exist anyway.


Worst Scenario

The worst case scenario is that I suffer with the implementation of the design of self stories to the stories of others and I am not able to draw out a beautiful connection. I want my book to have an essence of what it means to be human; that though we are all vastly different we do have things in place that make us common creatures, common beings. The worst case scenario is that I won’t be able to perfect the art of storytelling, stories of my own and other people.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Due to the scope of my project, it must be diverse. I want to be interviewing people from diverse backgrounds which will consist of people that uphold multiple identities.

I don’t want my book to fall into the dangers of a single story, rather I want multiple compelling stories that build strong connections. 


Due to myself being the one ultimately designing my project and putting it in place there will be a majority of things missing from my project. This is because although I can include multiple people in my project and design it with a wide range of audience in mind I cannot fully understand those lived experiences of others because I haven’t lived it myself. This may prevent me from telling the story in a way that the person who lived it can. This can create barriers but it is always important to try anyway. 


 Because I am creating a project that is inclusive in nature I am hoping I can include a wide range of diverse people. Yet I know to include all people of all backgrounds of all personalized identities is not a plausible task. I also need to keep in mind that I cannot speak for the people I am interviewing rather I am amplifying their lived experiences and stories.

Through this I am attempting to include a wide range of diverse voices including my own in the hopes that we can create a beautiful community that can lean on each other in times of need.