The intention for my project is to educate college students on life after college and what they should be doing to prepare.  I want to help people feel more relaxed and calm about entering the workforce and starting a career.  One way that I can have diversity and inclusion in my project is by interviewing many different people.  I want to try and get every perspective on life after college so that I can reach a bigger audience.  I do not think that this will be too difficult, and I will be able to hear from most perspectives.  My podcast is only going to be 5-6 episodes, so I will not be able to hear from every voice, but I will be able to hear from a lot.



I want to impact people in their early 20’s in a positive way.  We should be getting excited about our futures, not nervous about them.  I want people to feel more comfortable about finishing college while also giving them a lot of advice on what they should be doing.  I also want people who listen to my podcast to be impressed by the editing and audio quality.


Best Case Scenario

The best case scenario for the impact of my project is that I am able to successfully calm people’s post-college nerves.  In a perfect world, everyone who listens to my podcast will be less nervous about starting their career after each episode.  I also want people to learn different tools and skills from my guests that they will be able to use in the real world.


Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario for the impact of my project is that I make people even more nervous about life after college.  One way that this could happen is if me and my guests cover too many topics in each episode.  The last thing that I want to do is overwhelm the audience.  The way that I will avoid this is by focusing each episode on one main topic.


Personal Identities

As many people have, I have dealt with anxiety a lot in my life.  One thing that has always made me anxious is starting a career and entering “the real world”.  Because I have these anxieties, I am really passionate about helping people confront their own anxiety.  I cannot think of many people who are not anxious about finishing school, so thanks to my personal identities, I think I will be able to help a lot of people.

Missing Perspectives

As a white male, the majority of my close peers are all pretty similar to me.  They come from similar backgrounds, have similar privileges, and have had a very similar college experience as me.  In my project, it is very important that I hear from everyone and try to capture every perspective that I can.  Entering the workforce is different for everyone, and I want to hear about every perspective: the LGBT community, POC, people from different wealth backgrounds, etc.


Project Inclusivity

One way that I will make my project inclusive for everyone is by trying to capture a different voice/opinion in every episode.  The house that I live in is all men, so I will probably only interview one person that I live with.  Before every episode I will ask myself: “am I hearing from a new voice/perspective?”.  If I am constantly looking for new voices to hear from, then I will be able to make this project inclusive.