My intent for the creation of a vlog campaign is to create content for large audiences that focus on travel within the Philadelphia area. The biggest thing to keep in mind with this, however, is that of cost and transportation. This project is geared towards people who are not tourists in the city but those who currently live in the city and it’s surrounding areas.

  • students
  • young adults
  • interns
  • employed people

Impact & Scenarios

I hope that my project will be able to greatly impact people of all backgrounds. I want my work to look as professional as possible while also keeping the friendly atmosphere of a friend you are enjoying sights with. I want my project of vlogs to go beyond just the videos and graphics. I want the videos to leave a lasting impact on others to encourage friendship and travel.

The best-case scenario for keeping impact in mind is making sure that I include all kinds of places in my vlogs as well as my short videos. Since I am not trying to travel to places that have a large tourist engagement, I think this will help to open the doors to places I am able to travel to. Keeping this in mind I will be able to make sure that all people feel included as well as the locations that are “hidden gems”. In order to achieve this goal, it will include an extensive amount of research to find places that one would not typically find on the map.

The worst-case scenario would be if the place I travel to seems to all look the same and does not include a variety of fun places to visit in the area. Since my primary target audience is on the younger side, money is of importance in this project. The main focus is to enjoy traveling and lasting friendships. If the places selected do not give any variety for location, or transportation it is not fair to say that I have kept all people in mind.

Personal Identity

When it comes to the creation of vlogs I have always tried to be as inclusive as possible whether that is the people included in the videos, where the videos are taken, or even how we got to the place traveled to. I enjoy capturing these moments traveling with my friends and sharing them with others because they have such a large impact on my life. The idea behind creating vlogs is to not just share my experiences but allow others to see how shared experiences can impact relationships and friendships.

What’s missing?

Something that I think is missing overall in the film community, especially when it comes to vlogs is the variety of locations and people. In order for my video series of places to have a plethora of locations, I will make sure to include places historical/nonhistorical, involved many people in the videos, and provide background on the places explored.

How will I do this…

In order to make sure that my videos have a positive impact on the masses, I will pay close attention to the people and places involved in the video. Since my main audience is college-aged (18-25) I will also keep in mind the cost of traveling. Along with traveling, there will also be a large concern for accessibility when it comes to traveling to other places.

*These vlogs are meant to show people how important travel is and especially at young ages when we are building and creating relationships.*